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GoW jackpot!

I just hit the biggest GoW jackpot i guess: i got an epic vault key outside of a gnome event!

Who else got one outside of the event already?

At the devs: can we have a confirmed droprate please (inside and outside of the gnome event)? I really wonder how lucky you need to be to get one.


I saw one or two screenshots on this forum from just after gnome event. It is very very rare.

Congrats, I got mine the morning immediately after the Gnome weekend (quite ironically), while doing my (edit:) Campaign tasks through explore.


I’m quite confident that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning…
giphy - 2020-08-25T165814.282
… Than getting an epic key outside of a vault weekend. Congrats!


The shock was definitely harder though, my heart barely survived it :smiley:

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