Whats with vault keys

so vault keys… used to be good. Since the new rotation they are not so great. anyone elso notice this? or “Working as intended?”

Well, I use them for gems and gold and sometimes to get tarot troops so, they are the same to me.

i have never paid attention to thr tarrot, i pay for them when i can

Completely agree @moobiusloop

Using Vault Keys now is useless which makes the Vault Event a complete waste of time.

I grind all weekend to get 100+ Vault Keys and then when I use them all I get is Troop cards and Growth / Wisdom orbs.

It is so frustrating and I really don’t enjoy playing anymore, they have ruined this once great game. They say they have not made any resent changes to Vault Keys which I think is total BS.


they have, out of 100 EVK i now get 0, 900 gem drops, i used to get around 3 or 4

Same here @moobiusloop, I never get Gems at all with VK’s or EVK’s, It’s become boring, frustrating and a waste of time.

If anyone wants to start actually documenting this, feel free to start anytime. Just remember to log ALL runs you make (and what Cedric drops per run - screenshots being ideal proof).

Epic vault keys should never drop Cedric. That is the opposite of epic IMO but I digress.


If you’re really interested, I can give you over 6000 entries…
Starting at the introduction of vault key difficulty levels - normal keys is black, epic keys in pink; opening dates starting at September 2022 (before it’s only the results) and you’ll have to trust that I wrote down correctly because collecting that heap of screenshots was never on my mind.


I may be skeptical, but I’m not that skeptical. I just don’t have the supply of keys myself to make a good sample of direct observations (or necessarily contribute much to cumulative data).

Thats 900 before and after. The 300 gem drops definitely decreased but still had a reasonable bump

Or they need to add some use for excess Cedrics, such as crafting 5000 writs or 50000 shards from one Cedric.

I’ve actually had a surprising number of 300 gem drops from keys this time. I also got a 900 drop too so I can’t see any reduction in rewards here personally.

I just think sometimes the game RNG can be a little cruel and it feels like you get nothing for a while. Swings and roundabouts really.