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A New Mythic Approaches - Scorpius

Ive yet to figure out a team which is effective enough for me to use him regularly.

Wow Trajic I was just getting ready to come in here and complain about the worst Chest RNG I have ever experienced - you got me beat!

For the record I went thru (in no particular order): 600 Gem Keys, 6,500 Glory Keys, 10K Seals (lvl 6 Guild Chest) and 13.5K Gems (6 pulls of 50 VIP) and nothing.
An hour later I’m staring at the last 1,600 Glory Keys I own and thought “what the hell YOLO”. With only 211 Glory Keys left I finally pull Scorpious!
This was the worst RNG trolling I ever experienced and rather has me disgusted with the VIP Chest feature. I don’t know if this was just an extreme outlier or the new normal…


got it from 50 gem keys. the secret is lower your desire. if you want it badly, your chance is lower. RNGesus knows.


I had very similar going for euryali but not to your extreme. Vip chests are extremely shite it has to be said.

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No VIP here.
… For obvious reasons. I’ll wait for the next week reset and get back to sinking again.

That’s just objectively not true. They’re the best Chest in the game, undeniably.

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Spending over 12,000 gems on vip in exclusive mythic week and not getting one is insane and really takes the piss imo.


Yay! Another mythic i wont get…


12k seals, 550 gem keys, and 50 vip keys for me. Not a total stash wipe, but close.

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Costed me an arm but finally got one.

The French translation is misleading and made me dream about a killer troop (translation is: “kill instantly all poisoned ennemies”. Unlike the english text, in the french translation its not specified it concern only the 2 troops that receive the damage) Still a good troop of course.

Is it working exactly like Maw? Or one Scorpius can cast only 1 time but if another Scorpius is in the team, he can also cast? My guess is its like Maw (when he is not bugged…:laughing:)



3,000 glory keys and 300 gem keys (which was going to use anyways to get merlatis troops), then 100 VIP keys to get him.

Agree the new way of displaying new troops is terrible. I didn’t even no I had x2 until I went guild chat and the ‘so and so found a mythic troop’ was listed twice :flushed:


The new “New!” ribbon is also pretty insignificant. When Merlantis came out, I kept on farming the troops like crazy (because I didn’t notice the “new” anywhere). So I kept opening, and cursing, just to see them all stacked up in my collection already.


8 gem keys here. The same 8 from a LT completed this morning. Lucky indeed.


Well, I’m not going to apologize :wink: . I didn’t get Gard after spending at least equivalent of 5k Gem keys (don’t remember exactly) and was furious too. Fortunately I got him before the exclusive week was over. But he wasn’t the only Mythic where I spent much more than needed on average.
This time I got 2 copies in second batch of 50 Gem keys so it evens out a bit. I’m not really impressed since it’s not a good Mythic IMO (as opposed to Gard) and I definitely don’t need the second one. At least I saved most of my resources, for the next Gard-like case :slight_smile:


So if you get two can you even use them both in a team build or it can only be cast once regardless?

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I decided to open a few keys. After two gem I opened 50 and there he was.
To those undecided. Don’t. He’s not worth it imo.

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Single cast, just like great maw.

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This Mythic
Red/Blue to fill color vacancy

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I’d have to disagree. You should always try and get a mythic troop during its exclusive period if you have the resources. A new introduced could make him amazing you don’t know what the future holds.


Emperor Khorvash
Rock Troll
(Vampire’s Banner)

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