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A New Mythic Approaches - Scorpius

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-scorpius/

New Mythic Troop: Scorpius

A thousand years ago, the Drifting Sands was known by another name: Al-Maraj. It was a magnificent kingdom, whose beauty belied the fact it was ruled by the Emperor Scorpius, a terrifying creature, with no sense of decency, morality, or kindness about him at all.

Inscriptions inside the ruined tombs of Al-Maraj, often refer to Scorpius as the God-Emperor, while his enemies called him the Daemon of the Sands. The truth is that he was neither God nor Daemon, simply a creature of the desert, as harsh as the burning sun, and as relentless as the searing winds of his birthplace. He would delight in tearing both friend and foe limb from limb, and to displease him in any way would result in a long and painful death from the sting in his tail.

Many thought Scorpius dead after his failed invasion of the Bright Forest in the 253rd year of his tyrannical reign, but in truth, he was quite alive, captured by Queen Titania, and confined for a thousand years.

Recent turmoil in the Bright Forest, however, saw him break free, and he has headed back to his former Kingdom in the Drifting Sands.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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10 char

Just pulled him on PC. :slight_smile:

495 glory keys and 100 gem keys for one on X1. I like relaxed days like this.

Also, Bright Forest mention!

Isn’t he the exact same colours as xathenos?

Wahoo plot spoilers for an incoming Bright Forest kingdom and presume legendary Queen Titania? Or Mythic?

looking forward to see her :smiley:

1shot cast mythic :scream:

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2080 Glory Keys and after 360 Gem Keys…

I hate the new way of showing troops on chests almost missed i got him there in no New in shinning letter like before.

Good Luck to all !!!



Lucky day, got him in 4 glory keys :smile:


Got him :smiley:

Very valuable ornament :slight_smile:


Arcanes are different.

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Legendary apparenlty.

EDIT: my guess is that she will be the Summer version of Mab to satisfy you-know-who hunger :wink: .

A plain old monster. Nothing mystic, nothing elemental, just a monster. That might be even more limiting.

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So many Queens, and so few Kings… :crying_cat_face::cry:

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Anyone knows if Scorpius has the same type of spell like Maw, which means one can only use his spell once even if we run two Scorpius’es?

Confirmed by a guild mate that Scorpius spell can only be used once even when running two in the same deck. As expected.


Confirm my hate for your said guildmate for having 2 Scorpius already…


be carefully now, @GemsCollector I summon you. :sweat_smile::point_up_2:

600 Gem Keys, 21K Gems, 7K Glory Keys, 20K Glory, 6K Guild Seals.
… No sign of Scorpius.

With that being said, I need a break. This was a horrible experience in this economy. Savings of a few months brought forth nothing.


is it good? i don’t feel like it is a good mythic.

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It’s a good one.
… Not a very good one, but a good one nonetheless.