A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore


If multiple Megavore traits trigger at the same time, they seem to target the same target(last enemy).


There is no evidence for that right now. There won’t be any Megavore or any Mythics in Delve’s rooms untill at least 4.1 version. If that ever happen then, we can still use itself to counter it, or some monster slayer troops.


I have 2 and have taken out 2 troops at once. They trigger separately. Does not happen often though.


fought a megavore team delving this am.

the only reason i noticed it was because it triggered assassination.


Guess then they only target the same target if it survives one trigger, i have made some tests with barriers and two Vores proccing at once will remove the barrier from the last target and kill it.


As stated above - fought 1 this am, it assassinated. it sits in … team.


Great… so got to make sure to check every single room because I could enter the dust devil room only for Megavore to sudden appear and whoops, you lost your bottom two troops due to bad luck.


Until/unless (1) a dev announces that troops can get randomly replaced in Delves, or (2) it happens to me, I will choose not to believe the above story.


All delve rooms can be found here: http://gowdb.com/extras/delvetable

I don’t see any Megavores in any of them. Maybe it was summoned by something?


I got a 404. :frowning:


Yeah, sorry, wrong URL, corrected.


that’s possible …don’t have all the hall of guardians troops…


you believe what you want to…


Post a screenshot then, or else I will take it as a lie to cause an argement. Also, I remember you and your behaviors from some months ago, so I have a reason to be very skeptical.

This discussion is over until you do so. We don’t really need another Alternative Timeline incident.


Could you please add which faction each team belongs to? Or can they appear anywhere?


That seems to be decided by the server – there’s nothing I can see in the client code that ties a given room ID to a faction. When you start a delve the server passes the room IDs to the client. Sorry :frowning:


well well how unpleasant.

frankly i’m not surprised by the abuse that routinely goes on here - looking into it more closely, using lyya’s spreadsheet i can’t see how it appeared, and assassinated so i think i was wrong. i now think that something else took 125 life plus behind armor because the game decided it would out of the blue. it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, and it was dead next move because i decided it had to go fast …

but thank for sharing your hatred, and thanks for linking that team sheet lyya


The rooms can appear anywhere. The only exception is the faction starter room and faction boss rooms which only contain troops from that specific faction.


Thanks! Thats the info I was looking for! So here are the probabilities to kill opponents troop(s) during 4x or 5x combos with 2, 3 or 4 Megavores in the team:

2 Megavores: 0 troop killed (TK): 84,64% - 1 TK: 14,72% - 2 TK: 0,64%

3 Megavores: 0 TK: 77,87% - 1 TK: 20,31% - 2 TK: 1,77% - 3 TK: 0,051%

4 Megavores: 0 TK: 71,64% - 1 TK: 24,92% - 2TK: 3,25% - 3 TK: 0,19% - 4 TK: 0,0041%

For you exemple with 2 Megavores, you should see 2 troops killed in 1 combo once every 156 combos in average.

If you have a team with 4 Megavores, you should kill all 4 troops in 1 combo once every 24’390 combos.


Turns out Megavore can trigger a kill on successive four matches in a single cascade. I just fired an explosion (Mountain Crusher) and got two kills in a row. Both Impervious Elemaugrims as well. Stitch that.