A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore


Pulled 2 Megavores with 1300 gem and 400 glory keys. Do I go for the third one? What dya all think?


No. Save your resources


I think two Vores is about what you want to play for gaming the trait procs. You do need teamslots for creating 4-matches aswell.


Ten Glory keys (plus all 831 Gem keys I had amassed… :expressionless:).


Does Impervious stop megavore’s last trait? I just fought a team with elemaugrim in last slot and i was using a loop team and several times when i hit 4-5 gem matches and the word “impervious” flashed across elemaugrim. I assume thats blocking Megavores insta kill ?


No Impervious doesn’t block the instant kill effect.

No trait does, apart from those on Boss and Tower troops.

I’ve had Megavore kill Elemaugrim. The Impervious message you were seeing must have been from another status coming from your team - Mab or Infernus around, perhaps?


i think i found it … I had Queen Titania on my team and it was probably blocking her Faerie Fire. Thanks for the info .


I got a second Megavore from the 2 glory keys you get from the glory bundle… I don’t know how to feel since it’s a duplicate but with a good looping team, you could just rely on the insta kill chance. Still…


I’d be tempted to go for a second Megavore but I feel like if it’s particularly good, Megavore is going to be nerfed.

Remember what happened when Kraken x2 was really powerful? We changed how clusters were calculated, lost mana surges on 4-matches, nerfed Trolls, and nerfed both Kraken’s ability and traits. Maybe if I’m lucky, 2x Megavore will be really overpowering and we’ll lose free turns.


By now though, all the other mythics are back in the pool and I (Fortunately/unfortunately, pick your poison) got a second Megavore from all the mythics. Personally I think I was unlucky but what can you do?


Not sure that is true, at least for PC i remember it being that way for years now.


On PC/Mobile, for a brief time after the Unity switchover, we also had mana surge on 4-matches. Eventually, the devs reverted it back to no mana surge on 4-matches.


Oh I didn’t realize it was a flip-flop.

When it was removed the second time, I swear KrakenMab was listed as one of the main motivators next to “teams that generate too much mana”. But it was pre-Ishbaala and I don’t recall Nyxbringer being popular yet, so I found it suspect. The only other meta teams were the Psion ones.

Truth be told that meta had more variety than the current. 2 whole viable teams!


Still not seeing a sea Megavores on defence. Not a meta changing troop, yet anyways, as I predicted.


Yea, other than throwing him on divine teams, few people use him. Probably as you would need 2 to maximize the effectiveness and you need good gem generators. On offense it’s nice, but is too random. If the ai knew how to use transformers properly, then we’d be in trouble.


If the AI knew how to use transformers, Megavore would be the least of our worries :wink::+1:t2:


Does anyone know if Megavore’s spell count as damage to all defense troops for guild war scoring?


Maybe… There is a strange behavior from “Mang-like” weapons that will trigger the “Orc-trait” if all armor is removed. Unless it was changed or simply behaves different for scores in GW it would count.