A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore

Originally published at: A New Mythic Approaches – Megavore – Gems of War

New Mythic Troop: Megavore

Megavore will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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The Megavore is free at last!!!


3363 glory keys, 50 gem keys. Woo. Thinking if I want another or not…

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100 glory keys. This game loves me. I love it. Best game ever.


800 glory keys and 12 seals keys got me 2, really happy with that :+1:


8% chance to kill your last remaining passion for the game on 4-matches, quite an impressive trait!


18k seals, 1.5k glory keys, 250 gem keys and 50 vip chests that’s my most expensive mythic in a while I hope it’s worth it

I guess I know how I am cheesing my way to level 500 in Delves…


1k seals


2k seals and 200 glory lets gooooo


1000 Glory Keys 50 Gems key and 2200 guild seals. Good luck everyone!.

2nd from 800 glory keys and 150 gem keys!
P.D I miss the Lore for the the monthly mythic from Sirrian.


Wow! So many people are pulling the Megavore!

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250 gem keys for 1st and less than 2000 glory keys for 2nd


1,3k Glory Keys - that’s really cheap! I was worried because mythic-ing the War Corgi was so expensive when it comes to gems, but it worked out just fine!:blush:

Same here! I had hoped for a short extra chapter of the Lorekeeper at least, to be honest, but I suppose that would have been expecting a bit much. Tbh, I love the Lorekeeper story so much, but I feel the old individual blurbs told us a lot more about the new troops and I wish we could have both.


300 gems keys!

No lore for the Mythic? I guess it will be featured in the next Lore Keeper post, and that pretty much confirmed that it’s really is Magavore that will attack Luther’s ship. Excited for that!

Also, new defense team to celebrate the Mythic. If you want to beat it, You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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12,000 seals, 2000 glory keys, 750 gem keys, 10 VIP keys…

No Megavores @Saltypatra​:sunglasses::muscle:t3:

Updated: I got one. Here’s what it took me.

20,000 seals, 6000 glory keys, 1100 gem keys, 40 vip Keys. Got it in the last 50 glory keys. Now devs will Nerf it :rofl:

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For blue/green faction I was thinking Fizzbang / Ice Goblin / Goblin King / Megavore.

For early levels maybe King on bottom for health, later levels above megavore so he can more often keep board control.

Have to try this in PVP.

Not looking forward to fighting this thing and I don’t have it yet… I am doubting I’ll even be able to get it during this week so woo… 4k diamonds here I come…


So many different ways to induce rage in this 4x Blackhawk, 3x Monster team.



Please, how is working a 2nd Megavore? (the 3rd trait effect)

  1. Blocked at 8% chance whatever the number of Megavore in the team.
  2. 8% and then again 8% = 15,36% chance.
  3. 16% chance.

Players who hesitate to go for a 2nd Megavore NEEDS to know that. Thank you.