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A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore

No point in having a second I’m betting it works like 2x Kraken, only get one of the traits triggering.

So far in a few games I have yet to trigger this trait, just as I predicted in the spoiler thread that it would have minimal impact on games.

Also after one cast it becomes an extremely expensive single target damage spell.

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That might be the case but it absolutely needs confirmation from a dev. Players might use real money to get a 2nd (or more) Megavore so this MUST be known to the players.

I want to know if 4 megavore give either only 8% chance or 28,36% chance or 32% chance.

If its 8% chance then no point in getting more copies.

(28,36% chance is if the 4 traits trigger one after the other)

That is not how Tentacles works. Each Kraken will trigger, but they only do it once per board state, regardless of how many 4- or 5-matches appear. Once matches gems disappear and new ones fall into place, Tentacles can fire again—on each Kraken. Just tested this to make sure.

This suggests that Megavore works the same way. If you have two of ’em, there is a 15.36% chance that at least one will fire on any given 4+ match. And if you were using 4, there would be a 28.36% chance of an instagib. I don’t want to spend the resources needed to acquire multiple copies of Megavore to test, so I will let someone richer crazier else test this for me. Or wait for confirmation from someone with a gem next to their user name.


After testing, passive skills can be calculated independently and independently.i have KILLED 2 enemys in once 4 match.
Holy Shield can defend the killing

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Got one.

Seriously think this troop’s third trait can only mean rage for the game. Not a smart idea.


Maybe there will be a trait to counter it. Something that prevents a one hit KO if a troop’s HP is full (like the item Focus Band in Pokémon)

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400 GLORY Keys and 1 Magavore.

So, when will we get these new Mythics? @ Salty

  1. Peter Pan
  2. The Salty
  3. The Oz
  4. The Sirrian
  5. Tickerbelle

So for this and the last mythic I’ve spend about 800 gem keys, 12000 glory keys, 100 vip keys and about 10000 seals (still waiting for this week’s seals to reach 40000). No luck.

Gemhammer’s time to shine!

Finally one that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I got two with 3.5k glory keys while getting the last copies of envy and greed I was missing to ascend them to mythic :grin:


Dont worry @Saltypatra, i used 8k Seals, 350 gem keys, 1500 glory keys and 900 gems and didnt get it… Worst luck ever!

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500 Glory Keys -> Nothing
530 Gem Keys -> First one.
1000 Guild Seals -> Second One.


Megavore’s lore will definitely coming to next Lorekeeper post next week, or else Sirrian won’t end the last story with the paragraph like this.


400 gem keys for 2. Woohoo!


I got my Megavore after using some glory/gem keys, I didn’t count.

I love the art on his card.

8,000 seals, 1k glory keys, 500 gem keys, 8,000 gems and got a copy. Not sure why I blew so much resources to find it… but I did! Lol

No joy here, almost a wipeout of everything.

It is the type of trait that would encourage you to attempt to obtain more than 1 copy, only for it to be later nerfed.


350 gem keys got my first one, 1000 glory keys got a 2nd one :grinning:


That’s part of the reason I only want one.

Also I have little experience with looping or extra turn teams, but doubt a team with 2x or 3x would get enough turns to use the trait often enough. Maybe Fizz/Nobend/megavore/megavore?

I tried alchemist/green seer/apothecary/megavore once and it worked against meta ubasted in pvp but took forever. Looking forward to people posting more teams, I hope to use megavore in the underworld.

Azura, Giant Spider, Megavore, Skadi would be one option for blue green. Should result in a lot of 4+ matches, and you have two summoners in case of big problems.

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