A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore


4 megavores has a 0.004096% ( ~1 in 24000) chance to kill all 4 enemies on the first 4or5 match.



5000 seals to pull for me. Loving the suggestions so far, if anyone else has good team builds for it, please keep them coming.


I’m tempted to go for two more and set a defense of 4 megavores :smiling_imp:


I don’t have Skadi myself, but the icestorm every turn looks nice for that team.


Welp, this is now the best troop in the game, and there’s no counter. Good job :ok_hand:


I can already tell I am going to have a lot of fun with Kraken, Hellcat, Alchemist and Megavore for quite some time. Bring it Divines :smile:.


I bet this troop/team can still be countered with a freeze team/troop.


But what if you have 4? True, there is no board mod, but nothing can stop the trait either.


If you have 4, and the instakill chances are independent, then there is a 28.4% chance to kill a troop on each 4-match.


Liar. The RNG can stop that trait dead in its tracks.


Terrible RNG today: 4000-5000 glory keys, 12000 seals, 700-800 gem keys to get one. :sob:


It’s called Impervious.

Just used the new Mythic and would see the 4th Defender trait Proc sometimes. I need to confirm this in another battle though 4x speed is hard to catch everything.


200 gem keys :heart_eyes_cat:


Impervious prevents devour but not insta-kill :thinking:
Ubastet had no issues killing Impervious troops and i see nothing different with the Megavore.

Invulnerable on bosses is the only trait that i’m aware that is immune to insta-kills.


a lot of fun so far against the meta with

Pyggra, Bard/Dawnbringer, AWeaver, Megavore (2r,y)


Barrier makes immune to Dracos 25% destroy



Assassinate, destroy, insta-kill, lethal damage…

It’s frustrating that devs don’t consolidate this into a single game term, assuming they are all the same.


And there’s another term coming up in a new troop which I assume means the same thing. “Slay”



I don’t think “death” counts as a status effect