A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore


I might be one of the very few that misses the old Death Mark. I thought it was brilliant and great fun to use Death. That is where I stand in this discussion, when it comes to the other insta death types. I hate getting it against me and have troops dying of it, but also its add an excitement to me.


When I started playing, Death Mark teams were all the rage. SOOO frustrating for new me.


750 gem keys to get mine, too scared to go for a second copy


200 glory keys followed by 10,000 Glory
65 Gem keys followed by 1500 gems
2300 Seals
Boohoohoo sadness.


For the player yes, but for the AI, rng goes with the current if you catch my drift.


I managed to get Megavore in 52 Gem Keys.


Just… wow! <3

Now to see just how broken he can be in a control looping team :smiling_imp:


The Deathknight 3rd trait should never had been invented. That was the reason why Deathmark got nerfed and got complete rubbish as it is now. Then I believe we would see tons of fun builds and new troops with Death mark abilities.


I admit I was on the nerf side and still am for deathmark, as even if the kill chance was doubled, it mattered to me was the status killing before a chance to respond. This troop’s trait is worse than the original deathmark on 4+ and it seems the only reason the forums are not ablaze like a dry california is because the hostility towards the last couple metas.


I agree with this. Deathknight’s third trait is what “killed” the status effect. It was annoying to go up against a Deathmark team and lose a troop you had no chance to save, but it wasn’t until Deathknight that the trait became a runaway problem.


Precisely, still annoys me to think of that they had to announce that trait back then. Possibly it was harder to take away/change the trait than it was to nerf Death Mark itself.


I’m there with you. Expect I haven’t spent the 10,000 glory yet. With how unlucky I am I’m not sure if I should.

This week: 600 Event keys and no Infernous (not even a Sheggra)

250 gem keys, 800 glory keys, 160 guild keys and no Megavore


Deathknight was never a … uh whatever, carry on.



Most of those numbers aren’t particularly surprising. 600 Event keys is only a 45% chance of an Infernus. But did you at least get a copy of Gog and Gud? The odds of ‘no legendary’ from that many event keys are less than 1%. That stings.


Deathmark was (and still is imo), a pretty cool mechanic. It did need the 1 turn delay though, because otherwise it was unfair not having a chance to counter it.


As @Lyya said, death mark only become a problem when Deathknight got introduced with a really annoying 3rd trait. Before that most was fine with Death Mark. It was not really a problem. Also there i many troops that is immune to Death Mark that is good to counter it with.


Yeah, I got 2 Gog and Gud.

That’s always been my luck on RNG though. I’m approaching level 1100 and have only manged to pull 1 Mythic. If I want something I’m going to have to craft it.


Sorry to hear, better luck next time @HONUSDAN !


1100 and only 1 Mythic? I’m sorry to hear that.

I wish there were a way to trade cards, I’d happily gift spares.


I was even able to ascend, God and Gud, thank you.


Holy crow. That’s terrible. But from the law of averages you will pull the NEXT mythic out of a Gold Key. That can happen, right?