A New Mythic Approaches - Megavore




“Now blow on these dice and pray.”


You’re sounding like me. Time to switch over to sacrificing goats to the random number devil.


I always thought it was random number gatcha?


Gacha’s gotcha!


Ok that’s cool to know! I always thought it was the other way. :wink::upside_down_face:

On the other hand, after playing a few more games with and against this troop, Megavore, my summary is it’s a :poop:

And on another note the changes to exploding and Ubastet haven’t really shifted the power of that team. If anything Divinia instead of Infernus is a far better option due to the overpoweredness of Team heal, self filling exploding, team cleanse (freeze won’t counter) AND mana drain immunity. Such a dumb troop.


A couple of cool teams that use Megavore:

  • Mountain Crusher;Megavore;Yao Guai;Scurvy Seadog
  • Suncrest;Aracnean;Princess Elspeth;Peryton;Megavore

MV could be for sure a pain in AI hands :joy:


If he’s free, Where’s My copy?.


Free, as in released from captivity.


Yesss ! 1000 Glory (50 Glory Keys)

:heart::heart::heart: Still Loving <3


when is the last day for a chance to net Megavore?




Congrats! :smiley:


megavore - now to be found when delving - assassinating your team/ its the only way the developers could demonstrate a use for it.


So 4 would give you an 8% chance 4 times. So I guess in theory could knock out 4 troops


They could but they couldn’t feed all 4 at once so why? Once they kill your troop you cant replace it while delving.


Not talking feeding it. Talking extra turn kills. Not talking delving either.


Until Friday BEFORE reset :+1:


no the developers have placed it on one of the opposition delve teams - to demonstrate its assassination trait…reduces your delving team very well…


Seriously? What room? Legendary? Epic? The only mythic rooms are the faction boss rooms and other than that, I can’t see where Megavore would fit into one (Also, that is just unfair and brutal since you can very easily lose all allies if it triggers.