5 000 000 trophies

The SS is a big failure this time but…

I am happy and proud that we are the very first guild in the game to reach 5 million trophies and that, after so much time, we are still able to make history.

When dhjl recruited me in June 2015, Anonymous was dying. There were only 5-6 people left trying to rebuild the guild.

:arrow_forward: In 8 months we went up from rank 55 to rank 2.
Back then there was no x4 speed. We were gaining only 1 trophy per battle (2 while progressing towards PVP tier 1) and losing 1 trophy for each defeat.

4 months later, the 26th of June 2016 we reached rank 1.

:arrow_forward: We have now been the #1 guild on PC/Mobile for 32 months.

:arrow_forward: We hold the records of weekly trophies on PC/Mobile

 For a guild: 137 415 trophies (week of the 16th of April 2018)
 For a player 20 000 trophies (@alanvictor89 – week of the 13th of August 2018)

:arrow_forward: We have won GW 8 times and hold the record of points on PC / Mobile (1 658 966 points week 48 – 1st of July 2018)

:arrow_forward: While all the guilds tend now to specialize, we are the only guild left on PC/Mobile that is able to compete in the top 5 for weekly trophies as well as in GWs.

And soon… we will probably be the first guild to reach lvl 5000.

A big thank you to all the players who have helped us along the way. It is a pleasure and a honour to play with you all.
Now we need to vote for a new shield. :slight_smile:


I am proud to be part of this guild, I am part of this guild more than 2 years, I hope to have much energy to continue playing in the guild Anonymous and with all my friends.


that’s awesome great job

Congrats on 5 million.
Is 8 GW victories a record on pc / mobile?

Congratulations on 5 million trophies and all that good stuff.

How is that figured? :thinking:

Congrats @Aelthwyn and to all of Anonymous for reaching this milestone. I played a very small role in you guys achieving this, but it still makes me proud that you did nonetheless.


Thank you. It has been nice to have you with us.

Not at all. We just have the highest weekly score.
Intrim have 30 victories and Tyrant 14. We are 3rd.

Total of trophies since the beginning of December (following the old system of @actreal’s quarterly leagues):


GW results for that period:


Congratulations Anonymous! Awesome achievement, lot of work went into that, good on you guys!


It looks like your numbers are from a spreadsheet.
This is from www.taransworld.com

Maybe that lands you in the top 5 overall for the past 3 months. Idk…

You didn’t cite quartely. You said weekly. And according to the current system that pulls its trophies straight from the game… your guild wasn’t in the top 5 for weekly Trophies the past 2 weeks.
The consistent overall success in Guild wars is definitely remarkable. And definitely brag worthy. Most importantly it’s factual.
I’m not here to rain on your parade. 5 million trophies is impressive it shows longevity and activity that puts you in a league of your own already.
So I just don’t see the point of making statements like “that you’re the only guild” when the game data doesn’t support it. But it is the internet. People are allowed to say whatever they want I guess. :person_shrugging:

Congratulations from the Inn! You are all invited to the Inn to celebrate and for the special occasion everything is on the house


c’mon Ryan, for one time, try to not be Ryan and let them celebrate :joy:


one day anon shall be as great as glitter walruses!..that day has not come yet


Congratulations, Anon!

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Thank you everyone!

Congrats Anon :wink: .

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Yeah my bad for pointing out unnecessary misleading information. I really shouldn’t do that. :person_shrugging:

Congratulations @Aelthwyn & gang!!

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Brilliant work Anonymous!
You guys are a true inspiration to many guilds out there and me :heart_eyes:

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