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9 millions

Four years ago we were the first guild in the game to reach the million trophies and the rank of god.

8 million trophies later we are still leading the path.
In the meantime we have won 9 GW, set a few records and created an alliance with Marthos Guardians that was joined by Vn4ever (Stratagem).

A huge thank you to all our members, who made us what we are. Those who were already in the guild for that first million and made all the way with us, the former members and the new ones who help us staying hungry after 4 years and a half at the top.


What a fantastic accomplishment! Congratulations on your amazing longevity!

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Got better with the Screen Shot too. :rofl:


Taking the SS at the right moment is our major accomplishment. :joy:


Between 4 years ago and today.
No one in that was in the top 4 is still in the top 5 league rank besides Anonymous. Congrats.


Congratulations on your sustained success and excellence.


Gratz @Aelthwyn!

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Congrats, although i never understood what is sexy about gems trophies :joy:

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That’s clearly not accurate unless top 5 means something other than the 5 guilds with most trophies four years ago and now.

And congrats to Anonymous for the amazing longevity.

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Congratulations Aelthwyn and to the Anonymous Guild.
That is an awesome accomplishment :muscle: :trophy:


Compare the SS from 4 years ago in the OP and today’s present top 5 in league trophies.

What’s not accurate about my statement?

(P.S. I can’t even compliment another guild with a factual statement without controversy…jesus. 🤦)

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Intrim was 4th 4 years ago and are currently 5th in overall trophies. So the post doesnt read like a factual statement.


Ahh I’ll update it thanks.
Guess in my head I already see them as rank 6. But fair enough. :+1:


Congrats @Aelthwyn and all anon family!

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Dang, that’s insane! Congrats!

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