How did Guild #4 get so high so fast?

I was just checking out the rankings because Tigerclaw and Rainmaker have been in a great head to head battle over that #4 slot with the 6th place guild (Clien Net) being about 5k trophies behind.

And then out of nowhere, Anonymous has both beat by 7k trophies within a week or so. I am curious to see how that was achieved.

If it’s not an exploit, how many trophies are each member bringing in per day?

It’s not that fast. Anonymous have been hitting several thousand more trophies a week than all other top guilds (bar one or two) for a couple of months now.

7,000 trophies a week is 233 per player, which is impressive over an entire 30 player guild. But I would guess most of their players are doing slightly less than that and a few top players (@dhjl, @RiverSong etc.) are doing a lot more.

Now that is some commitment!

Thanks, I guess, for thinking we might be an exploit, it just shows how much we’ve all been playing. @dhjl brings in quite a few by himself. I usually get 4-500 a week, but there are several others who do better than I do. Matchmakers, we’re coming for you!:wink:


That’s assuming what actreal said is true. Personally, I believe they are legit,
though it wouldn’t be the first time a guild was found guilty of a transgression:

Nice work. Is that mostly fast PvP teams or Arena?

Not asking for secret skills, but I’ve wondered how people put up 400+ trophies. I’m hitting 200+, but I play some odd, slow, experimental teams, that cost me probably net 60 trophies a week.

7,000+ trophies a week?

On console, my Guild is a top-100 and that range is about 6,000-10,000 TOTAL trophies lol.

The top 5 or so Guilds though are full of bots, with 30-40k trophies.

@dhjl, Isn’t Anonymous your guild?

Not really, you can see / chart their progress from this thread:
Top 50 Guild League Table History:


That table makes it look like there may be some botting going on. Over 8k a week? That seems real fishy.

Speaking strictly for myself, I work at home so I have lots of time and can generally play as much as I want. I think that might have more to do with it than any particular team I might be using.

Pell, your suspicions are unfounded and I would appreciate a little more civility unless you have actual evidence you wish to share.

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It’s quite easy to hit 2-300 trophies a week, we have people in our guild that do it regularly … so it’s not hard to imagine 30 like minded people doing it regularly …


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It is not so much for a committed player.

Same for me.

That says it all!
Since last summer Anonymous has been progressing constantly, and quite fast. It is very motivating. I have been hoping for a long time that we would reach rank 1 some day and my motivation has been growing as it seemed more feasible.

@Riversong, when was I less than civil?

But, if you want evidence (which I never had before), check out the chart that was posted. Not even the top 3 guilds even come close to that level of progress.

Analogy: When athletes break records, there are tests to verify that there was no foul play. It’s done prior to anyone making any accusations that there may be something not permitted in play.

With that being said, suspicions rise when someone becomes extremely defensive, which you demonstrated in your last post.

It is not very pleasant to be accused of cheating.
How would it be possible to answer your accusations without sounding defensive?

Saying 8K trophies a week seems fishy, is not polite. It is a passive aggressive method of calling someone a cheater. If this was not your intent, then you need to adjust your use of language.

I’m not a hard core player, and I’m at 200 trophies for the week as of today, with 3 days left until reset. I’ve donated around 400k this week, and I won’t be the top donor at the end of the week.

IMO, Top guilds probably aren’t pushing trophies hard. Anonymous has tasted blood in the water and is pushing for it.

I’m sure I could push out 400 trophies a week, but it would burn me out on the game. So 30 motivated players could hit 9,000 trophies a week. They will probably burn out at some point, but the closer they get to the goal, the more pressure they will put on themselves to grind out a few more trophies.

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You have accused me and every member of my guild of cheating, based solely on your idea that no one could possibly get that many trophies per week. You claim the chart supports your position; not at all. Your suspicions influence your interpretation and that says a lot more about you than it does about Anonymous.

Yes, I am defensive. It makes me very angry when my integrity is impugned for no other apparent reason than jealousy. You have no evidence of anything other than that Anonymous is a very active guild. Feel free to take your paranoia to the devs. I know that I have done nothing wrong and I don’t think any other member of the guild has, either.


Agrees that @pell is being rude.
Just because you or your guild can’t do it, doesn’t mean other people can’t.
300+ trophies a week spreads out to around 43 trophies a day.
That’s really only about 2-3 hours grind right there, and if I’ve learned anything from my WoW days, that’s only borderline casual standard for many gamers. In fact, many of the Raiding Guilds in World of Warcraft won’t even accept that level of slackness in their lineup.

No one likes to be accused of cheating. If you can’t understand this, then there is something wrong with your social attitude. See what I did there? I don’t know you, and I just accused you of something that may be entirely inaccurate based solely on a few lines of text data on this thread. That doesn’t feel good, now. Does it? Feel free to be “defensive” and counter back at me, bro. Then maybe by then you’ll finally get what the big deal is.

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Wow you people acting like a bunch of five years old. So funny.