How did Guild #4 get so high so fast?

Oops… Let’s calm it down please people… Hey @pell hope all’s well in Tigerclaw… I’ve been watching Anonymous for a while, and yes it’s easy to suspect some exploit… But what they’re doing is quite feasible if enough players are hardcore enough… In MatchMasters we have a small number of players at that level of activity, and I’m not quite one of them… But it’s possible over time enough would like gravitate into a single competitive guild… Slightly irritating but possible!

I’m sure @Sirrian will be watching and would act if there was clear enough evidence of foul-play…

Awesome! I wanted some competition! If you keep that speed, you should blow past us in ~12 weeks!

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Wow! Great job Anonymous! It is great to see movement at the top like that. It gives those of us hoping one day to rub elbows with you some hope.

Our top contributors are pushing the 150 trophy mark, which in turn is pushing some of the others to contribute a higher as well. The guild feeds on its own energy as its members push themselves harder. I know I am making even more trophies as the leading pack of my guild continues to up their personal trophy amounts, which seems to make us all make more trophies! I can imagine how a team of higher levels could push each other to new heights. Keep it up!


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Anonymous: Lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction.

Clearly, that is no longer the case… :disappointed_relieved:


Id still like to see see em tested for amphetamines :wink:

It saddens me that this post is running out of steam.
Can we please hear some more from the people who are “cheating”?
Or perhaps another wild accusation

I still have some more popcorn😋

How about we lock this post instead?


Sentiments to agree about this…

How is your logic even sound AT ALL??? please hear me out a moment, I spoke up about another post where simple math brought logic to another player, maybe i can help you understand the commitment here.

30 members reaching 8k trophies in 1 week… I myself play gems for about 3 hours a day… and consider myself EXTREMELY casual When i do my climb to rank 1, i do it in about 25 Matches, taking me about 90 minutes; which gives me anywhere between 30-45 trophies, depends if i seek 2 trophy targets. So… If i stick to grinding as efficiently as i do when pvping… I can earn around 60-90 a day … That’s playing for 3 hours… take a hardcore gems enthusiast which plays upwards to 8-10 hours a day… And i’m sure those in top guilds can clear matches much faster than my 30 turn sunweaver team which takes 2-4 minutes. So, just for the sake of entertaining the thought of the logistics here… Let’s say a top player can earn around 35 trophies an hour (i’m sure some of you can do more) That’s upwards of 400 trophies a DAY… That’s close to 3k trophies a week, Imagining a player is as dedicated as this, it would only take 3 players in the entire guild to achieve this task.

Are you prepared to debunk my math? It’s absolutley sound if you ask me

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35 trophies (or even more) in an hour…Wow.
I know I can’t get trophies at that rate with any of the tipical teams in the current high level end game meta.
I would guess that I finishing a game in approx 3 mins.
My math tells me that’s no where near the above stated rate.

Can you please post a team that can earn trophies at such a rate?

35 seems a little extreme, but I can personally attest that ~25 trophies per hour is feasible.
I can average around 2-3 minutes per battle using a True Shot team lineup of

Centaur Scout (+ True Shot trait)
Green Slime
Bone Dragon

So far, using this setup, with a combined play time of roughly 3 hours daily, I can generally average around 50 trophies a day, and perhaps about 20 more or so during vacation days.

My bottleneck is currently around 400+ trophies per week. I suppose if I truly want to sit down and grind through it I can pull off 500 weekly trophies easy. But I have better things to do with my time…

EDIT: I’m also the leader of my own guild, so I feel more or less obligated to put in this kind of efforts. I don’t really require the rest of the guild to be this active tho. And tbh most of the weeks I only stop around 200ish.

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Well I think its not about the math. With all the respect to Dhjl, I have been playing for quite some time and “Anonymous” never was more than a middle of the pack avarage guild. Just a little after 1.0.8, is when the guild start pulling good numbers week after week until they hit a stable point of ~7500. Even in the sheet you can see the growing ultil that point. You could even argue that the grow is the knowledge of a bug expanding to all the members of the guild. Since they are doing pretty much the double of the avarage trophies of all the other top guilds, I guess it could signal a double trophy bug.

Well this is all only my thoughts, doesn’t mean they are true (And I hope they aren’t). To be honest I would be happy to have some competition, we have been sitting unchallenged on top 1 for long to much. But with that said, I want everything legal. I guess we’ll know when the new patch hit and the bug gets fixed. If theres one or if it’s fixed!!

So you’re basically openly accusing an entire guild of cheatingn without presenting any form of evidence whatsoever? Wouldn’t have been a better idea to just send a message to the developers to ask them to investigate before you start openly accusing people?

Could this subject just be locked as per @Machiknight suggestion?

These don’t seem like full on accusatory terms to me…

Agreed, @Archenassa.
Please let this thread die already… :worried:

Let me be clear.

I did not suggest locking the thread because everyone who thinks there might be something suspicious going on is incorrect, I don’t know if they are or not.

I suggested locking the thread because of it devolving into a ridiculous drama fest with people actively being insulting.

I agree, that’s why it should be locked. I don’t think the OP intended it to become drama-filled, but was genuinely asking about it, but then it devolved into something a bit too hostile. People said what they needed to, whether about they thought cheating was involved or about explaining their commitment, so there is no point in letting it open now. It’s not like there is anything to add on the subject.


OK, maybe I should’ve phrased it a little differently, but still if Serale thinks that it’s possible that Anonymous is using an exploit to gain more trophies than they should be getting, wouldn’t it be better to send a message to the developers instead of posting here in this topic?

IMHO it seems rather unlikely though… Why wouldn’t it just be a group of committed people getting together and getting some serious gem-matching done these past few months?

And any post can be deleted if theres an actual offense, theres no need to lock the whole thread.

And for Mr. Darkness, I don’t think the guild is guilty. On MM we make around 4500 weekly but that’s because our min is only 50 trophies weekly, I don’t want to push my people for nothing.
The only reason I wrote that it’s because it could be a possibility, and of course this is what the thread is all about the discussion of a topic. Which well, I’m a member of this forum and have all right to do so.

Again, since you cut that part, all I said are only my thoughts and that doesn’t mean those are true.

I’m confused by your math. Let’s take your own figure of 3 min games. That is 60/3 = 20 games per hour, with 2 trophies each will net 40. That is over the 35 mentioned already. So where is the problem? Just keep retreating immediately every few games to avoid climbing ranks.

With playing a few hours a day the trophy totals can be done without sweat. For my personal taste it is far from fun, but other people have different taste. Also different use of time. If someone is just mostly sitting at work killing time that is not uncommon at all may have 30-ish hours on hand. If all put to GoW can make a serious climb even alone. :slightly_smiling: