1,500,000 trophies!

While there are still only 3 guilds that have reached the million trophies, we are already mid-flight for the two millions.

But we still suck at taking screenshots at the right moment. :wink:

So once again a huge thanks to all our guildies, the veterans and the newcomers.

Unfortunately we failed by 5K points at winning the first GW week, but our results and the help in the guild have been awesome. And I hope that we can still set together many more new records in GoW!


Something to be said for hard work :innocent:
Especially in this day of socialest attitudes :smiling_imp:

Ps @Aelthwyn you guys had us worried lol. 5k points


We have been unlucky : one of our members was away for the weekend without internet. We have hoped until reset that he would play, but unfortunately he came back too late. He still had 10 battles to play.

However congrats to DP! You have been very tough opponents and we owe you our only defeat of last week.

We will be only 29 this week, but we look forward to meeting you again tomorrow and we hope we can win GW next week. :stuck_out_tongue:


1.5M :trophy:s!

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