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Congratulations to my Anonymous Guildmates

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate my hard-working guild mates on being the first to reach the 500k trophy milestone. Thank you, all members of Anonymous, past and present. You all deserve a share in this.


And thanks to our new GL for doing a great job.


Aw, @Aelthwyn, you’re making me blush! :slight_smile:

amazing work, congrats to each and every one of you. :slight_smile:


We’ve shown a lot of resilience over the past few weeks. Great job helping us right the ship, River.

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Congrats! Now go for 1M. :wink:

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:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:
Congratulations, this is huge!

After changes is seems we r even stronger then before, Great Job River, Great Job ALL. Congratulations.:slight_smile:

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Come on man, you need to spice things up, like
"Anonymous vs everybody" or “Anonymous best guild ever, forever”


We r good, best? - so far it seems.
We do not need spice anything. We see board, and we know that is a lot of good, very good players in other guilds . And really to keep first place it takes a lot of effort from ALL but partly this is because we have souch good opponents:)

Gee I wondered from where U took my photo? :wink:

Then I’d have to make a non-apologetic apology, @Treemo, and I just don’t do that sort of thing. :wink:


“Righteous fiercely posts” sounds like your style, i would say. :wink:

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I’m happy about this achievement as well. :slight_smile:


I guess i am not hardcore enough cause i have gotten laid before i was 18. Darn it i should have worked harder.

If only it could have been “laid to rest”.


In the spirit of the non-apology apology, I present Exhibit 2: Non-humble humility.


A milestone achievement.

Congrats I guess. Its unfortunate so many of the original members were forced to quit before this milestone though.