5.0 Stream Discussion thread (unofficial)

Yes but if the currencies (writs, diamonds, etc) needed for these “exclusivities” changes from one campaign to another that means F2P players could be able to get them more easily.

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I’m quite sure diamonds will remain the weapon of choice to lock out F2P players. It doesn’t really matter whether you need them for troops, weapons or deeds, you’ll just need more than you can obtain for each campaign. You are right though, some additional resource requirements my pay a surprise visit, those probably won’t be too hard to fulfil.


In case you aren’t mad yet, if you do every single task for 10 straight weeks, this is the final reward you get instead of the exclusive mythic troop if you don’t pay the 10 dollars. (1250 gold)

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It’s not RNG, it’s based on your team score compared to the team score of the team offered to you. You can directly calculate the gold you’ll get offered just knowing the two team scores. The problem is that close to the top of the curve you can’t really get matched against higher team scores, so your gold payout is low. If you don’t participate in the campaign your relative team score will be even lower than the “not in a guild” expample above, so you can expect to gain up to several times the gold amount from PvP you would otherwise.

Zero rationality outside of those who donate the most gold continue to get screwed. :roll_eyes:

Finger paint number rank from highest gold to zero gold.
1st Row - 8 Tasks completed
2nd Row - 0 Tasks completed
3rd Row - 12 Completed Tasks
Original photo courtesy of @Smash before I digitally finger painted on them.
@Kafka if PvP gold was working currently then there should be consistency for every row.
1st Row should always have the second highest gold offered.
2nd Row should always the highest gold offered.
3rd Row should have the lowest (based on what y’all want) but shouldn’t further penalize the player for being in a guild that completes all tasks.

There have been PvP hotfixes over the years to adjust gold income, most recently the cpvp gold nerf I believe.

So its not out of the realm of possibility for another hot fix to happen, unlikely, but not impossible lol

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Each SS is against the exact same opponent.

Which is exactly my point. Your own team scores changes due to the stats gained or not gained from your guild. Just as you will or won’t be gaining stats from the campaign artifact, amplified by a factor 3.

So guildless should be the highest gold consistently.
Most but not at all stat bonuses should be consistently second.
But only the ones with all guild stat bonuses are consistently the lowest.

Which confirms what I’ve long suspected. Regardless of actual power score. The player gets penalized further…almost like a tax… If their guild completes all tasks. Which is bull shit.

And the penalty will be even bigger with the artifact bonus stats, because those are several times as high. Except that this can be exploited the other way around, if everybody is getting the artifact stats except you then suddenly their team score is sky high compared to yours. That’s not only a huge jump in PvP gold payout, you’ll also receive a lot more PvP points from each battle.

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and is this a massive update 5.0?
honestly it’s rude don’t shit again so that you can get money out of people + now you don’t have to play the game but work in it because of numerous events, the game should relax and it doesn’t become the second work
I hope that before the release of the update, the developers will take this into account

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The campaign is here to stay, and nothing you can say or do will change the fact.

The entire thing is designed around getting players to play a bit in every mode or aspect of the game.

You have tasks for explore, pvp, arena, TH, delves, dungeons and AB. Then you have others about vault keys, soul forge, opening each type of key.

The entire idea, is to get people to do other things that focus on 1 aspect of the game, which is not for everyone, I hate arena and TH.

With the TH and Arena updates coming though, it will get players to try those redone modes as well, and maybe enjoy them, who knows.


Well the reverse has been true for me for years. I caught up to the power curve and now have been in front of it for years. Which is why I don’t feel bad at all for using L&D on defense since I easily get 2-3k gold less against the frustration as someone else who chooses to be guildless but takes the exact same amount of time to beat the meta as me. Or they just farm trophy 1 battles and Firebombs and rack up 500+ winstreaks. Where as I would get penalized too much gold to farm 1 Trophy battles for that to even be an option.

Since power score is a shit way to determine who is making more gold in PVP than others.

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Lol, I thought his comment looked familiar.
Just copy and pasted the exact same thoughts on two different threads.

This ↓
Exists for a reason.

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It seems the dreadful rewards and pay to win nature of campaigns are just to distract us from the fact there is no new content in 5.0. They just took the class event, put a meaningless map feature on it and they are making us do it for 10 weeks in a row. They are also putting the weekly task feature back in, that they removed a year ago, because it was a tedious chore.

I would much rather they tweek the existing content that is badly need of polish, but they can’t sell that to us for $24.99.

This is the Windows Vista of patches.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist AW)


This is irrelevant for the group of players who enjoy collection games specifically because they enjoy collecting stuff, and having a full collection of whats-its is just plain satisfying to look at.

Players like me.

If memory serves, it takes around 7-8 weeks to build up enough Diamonds to craft a Mythic troop, and that’s if you do the daily dungeon and I believe if you buy the bonus resources for 50 Gems most days. This means every new release Mythic you miss adds another 2 months to complete your collection (not accounting for how long it takes to appear in the Forge - I’m just talking raw resources). Yes, there are alternate methods, like using Event Keys during the appropriate week and hoping you get lucky, but it can take upwards of 500-700 Event Keys to hit a Mythic, and if the kingdom in question has more than one…yeah.

Adding a quarterly Mythic on top of the monthly Mythic ensures that any player who 1) doesn’t pay out; and 2) has no resource pool due to either being new to the game or due to really rotten luck pulling new Mythics; will never catch up.

I’ve been thinking more about this whole battlepass BS and what has me so angry about it is the psychology. I don’t look at them and go “holy crap, I could pay $10/25 a quarter and get all this cool stuff”…what I feel is more, “ugh, so if I don’t pay $10/25 a quarter, I’m going to fall WAY behind on keeping my collection up to date”. They’re leaning hard into FOMO. It’s the purest form of mobile game predatory behavior.

I will not be encouraging anyone in my guild family to buy these.


Purchasing the 50 gem offer daily, and doing the dungeons, and guild tasks will give ~700 a week


Mythic wont be in every campaign as well, so it wont be a quarterly thing.

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This, very much: the spiraling pattern of coercing to pay in order not to fall behind must not be supported.

IF that claim is honored, another carrot shall surely be needed to ‘encourage’ Elite pass purchases: any ideas of what would be equivalent to a Mythic?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

I used to have our guild not finish all tasks and sometimes the gold difference in PvP was double. Now Power Gems is doing weekly legendaries, so I have to suck it up and do explore instead. I wish I could play my favorite mode without being penalized for higher stats. I even stopped kingdoms at 14 to avoid the stat points.

Well, RIP PvP. It feels like a rip off every time I see a base gold of 1200 instead of 2400+.

I have plenty of diamonds. If I wasn’t chasing the pet and weapon leaderboards I would hard pass on this pass thing.

The worse part is the increased requirement to play more. This is going to delay my next book a little more each week.

As always, you have struck the nail squarely on the head. Personally, I am not overly distressed as I am still about 12 mythic troops away from a full collection. I have resigned myself to the reality that I will probably never get a full set. But I have a lot of long term guildmates that are ardent collectors. This update is a distressing turn for those “collection” style players, especially for those who have already invested a significant amount of money in support of the game. It’s not a matter of viability for them. You can be 50 or even 75 troops away from a full collection and still field multiple devastating teams that can wreck 99% of what they face. But many players derive a great deal of satisfaction from collecting everything possible. This just erects another onerous gateway to that end.
As has been said before - it’s a great deal of pomp and circumstance simply to entice the playerbase to shell out $10.

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