5.0 Stream Discussion thread (unofficial)

To borrow a phrase used by another forum user, collectors are getting “epic task’d” with this update. Except it’s with cash instead of gold.

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“Collectors” have had that happen for years. 5.0 isn’t doing anything new in that regard. Just a new model for it.

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True - it’s nothing new, but it does represent another roadblock. Again, I personally do not have a dog in this fight, so to say, but I do empathize with those that do.

I see two parties.
Party A provides a service for years that party B enjoys.
Party B spends nothing to compensate for that service.
Party A decides to start charging for that service instead.
Party B gets mad and doesn’t want to pay to enjoy the service further.


Valid. But, realistically, in the vast majority of cases, without Party B, your game fades into oblivion.

True. But Party A does a great job in still offering Party B 98% of the game to enjoy as if they were Party C (Players who do spend money on the game.)
And to be honest, Party S (Switch Players) who by far have the lowest amount of overall users. Kind of makes me wonder how many players PC/Mobile actually need to remain enjoyable. As a GM I’m all for large numbers of players. As a player, I can’t help but read a lot of these comments and think. I’ve never heard such uproar about something individuals have been getting for free, but now no longer are. (Despite this actually being nothing new.)
Why should free players get everything that pay players get?
Both parties are necessary to keep the game going. But surely Party C is more necessary than Party B right? If Party C didn’t exist then game instantly vanishes into oblivion.

So if Party A wants to entice Party B to evolve into Party C. Doesn’t it make sense to offer things that they can’t get by being Party B but only get by being Party C?

Yet, Party A isn’t even that doing that here.
They are just telling Party B that Party C will get things before them. Still that’s unacceptable for Party B.

I can’t help but wonder if Party B gets upset when they fly. And they definitely spend money on that flight. Yet Party C gets to board and unboard first… Gets better food and gets better seats.

Or is a video game company just now allowed to operate like a money making business? Instead they should operate like a charity.

I only feel bad for those who care about collecting everything in the game, but can’t afford to support the game. Those are the people that I don’t mind listening to. Those are the people that I don’t mind spending money instead for. I doubt many of the comments I read on here are from those people.

Or, Party B has already put a couple hundred dollars into the game, and was happy to do so, but is frustrated with the increasingly pushy tactics that are being employed to try convincing them to spend yet more, so is speaking their mind?


I absolutely do not disagree with you but this game was built and advertised as a F2P game, it’s not like it’s the latest Final Fantasy or Resident Evil release where the players are aware from the start that they have to invest $60+ to purchase and play.
I don’t begrudge the developers from tacking towards a P2P / P2W model. Just advertise it as such. Sirrian was adamant in past conversations that he did not want to see GoW go to a pay model game. I completely understand that priorities can and do change, I am just looking for honesty in that regard. Don’t sugar coat it - tell the player base that a pay to play model is necessary for future viability.
And keep in mind that many of the current “non-paying” players have invested a significant amount of hard cash in the past. That is why I firmly believe that VIP 6+ players, who have demonstrated financial support to this game already, should be afforded the campaign plus option at no cost.
Disclaimer - I am not a VIP 6+ player.


When the game 1st launched, it required you to spend gold to do matches, be it quest or PvP. I think it was 100 gold, and then when you ran out, you would wait for tribute and hope you get enough to keep playing.

That was removed, as Sirrian wanted to go to the free playing model, where you can play as much as you want, with no energy system, which the game still is, with other modes that require an “energy” (sigils) to play them added on.

At its core, the game is still a free to play game. If you want to do other things, for some people, you will have to pay, others will either keep playing for free and work towards it, or just ignore it entirely

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Which it is.
It’s not just not a “free collect everything and get exactly what players who pay get at exactly the same time…game”.

I used up my Diamond stash to craft Mistralus because I missed her on release, and Skadi this week because I finally decided to get Glacial Peaks to 10 stars. Stormheim too, as I never got Jotnar. I still need at least 9 Mythics, with 5 Kingdoms still blocked, including Urskaya.

I think 10$ is a reasonable price, if I had the time to complete all tasks. I will wait and see.

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@Redi1 tested this on beta. He skipped the time gated tasks, like 2 days to do dungeons or AB.

For 5 weeks worth, so ~80 tasks, it took him 18 hours to complete them all.

For the average player though, it will take maybe 3-4 hours a week to finish all tasks, and a bunch of them will be finished with normal gameplay, or things like the Gold kill 20 Mythics task and everyone setting them as their def troops to help people out.

It is a bit more time to finish the tasks, but its not a massive, need to spend 50 hours to do all these tasks.

If you fall behind though, or are below a mid game player, you will struggle a lot to catch back up.

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Depending on the tasks you could also manage them in under 2 hours if you are a high level player and organized yourself well. I am a bit more relaxed and chatty than some of the more hardcore players out there though so I expect 3-4 every week will probably be closer to what it takes me.


I know players don’t play some game modes, I know players don’t use most of the troops existing in the game etc. But that’s not because players are lazy or blind. The reason is, those game modes or troops has no use at all in current state of the game!

Update 5.0 basically force you to play the game in way you don’t want to and won’t enjoy playing! If devs, instead of making 5.0 how it is, used last 2 years to improve all areas of the game, which are completely useless from players perspective, they wouldn’t have to force anyone to play those! I assure you, every player at this moment would be thankful to devs for so many improvements in 5.0, which community is asking to see for long years with no effect!

If you only think about this a bit more, 5.0 doesn’t bring any improvements to the game at all. There is not a single thing from player perspective, which will make the game better/funnier to play. It’s even worse, because 5.0 can be called opposite of fun. Many of those tasks will be painful to do, and if you won’t buy Elite Pass, you won’t get single sensible reward for finishing all 160 tasks. And yet you are forced to do them, to keep up with other players increasing stats.

So, one more time. Are you saying that about 50 hours to do annoying things, you are not interested to do at all, in game modes which are useless from players perspective, just to keep up with other players increasing stats, and without putting money into Elite Pass getting basically no rewards at all from finishing all 160 tasks is not massive waste of time?


In case you were not aware, I was 1 of the beta testers on this. I HAVE played it, and I hate 2 of the game modes, TH and Arena. I done the tasks in all the modes, despite hating them, and you have the ability to skip the tasks if you really dont want to do those modes if you want to.

This WAS asked for though, by a lot of players. They loved the old daily tasks and snot stone hunting using different teams and having to get creative with some limitations, but not hard limitations like World Event. This allows them to do that, while encouraging players to play more of the game. Never know, you might like something you find while doing it.

Just because you decide you dont like it, doesnt mean its a bad update either, and people in general need to remember this. Yes, there are some negative aspects to it, like the paid passes or the effects in GW, or even the fact that new players will unlock this mode, before unlocking the different parts of the game that let them complete the campaign tasks.

The tasks are fun little different parts of the game, in general, that get people to interact with the rest of the game, and for the biggest 2 complaints about modes, Arena and TH, updates are coming to both later in the year which may make them more engaging and fun to play by the general player.


I think this is what people should be paying attention to. If the most valuable “rewards” are going to require us to spend more than we get back, it’s not a reward.

It’s a resource bleed.


It’s also leaving out key data… Like troops, weapons and pets.
So basically it’s being taken out of context to full fill certain minded arguments.
Here’s the actual rewards link.

I should make it clear, that’s assuming people buy a pass.

Otherwise all the resources are free. So :man_shrugging:.

You seem to be out of context, what’s being discussed here is that Free Pass players have to spend more resources than they receive to unlock their rewards. There’s no troops, weapons or pets in the reward list.


Nope. You’re just a little too quick to “attack”.
I had to find the link then clarify.
And until the tasks are actually done… We don’t know if it costs more resources to do, then what a player gets.

Then please clarify which parts of this full Free Pass reward list you specifically replied to is missing “key data”:

8750 gold
3780 soul
490 glory
32 gold key
18 glory key
4 gem key
2 event key
90 Minor/Major Traitstone
34 Runic Traitstone
30 White Pet Food
4 Epic Ingots
16 Treasure Maps
680 Shards
40 Chaos Shards

Task requirements have already been data mined, among others we have to open 2 event keys, 5 gem keys and 25 glory keys. Plus spend a two digit number of hours on a few really ugly grind based tasks requiring to run teams you wouldn’t ever touch otherwise.