New Major Update

This isn’t so much news or anything of the kind, but I just wanted to post to see how far flung in the future a new update might occur. I don’t mean just a faction drop or more advertisements, etc…but something new. I’m thinking of dropping the game but I put so much time into Gems of War that I want to give a benefit of a doubt about something refreshing maybe being implemented in the near future.

There’s a big update coming Mid-end Of July.

5.0 preview is coming in early July.

So it may just be worth waiting and seeing that then. Hopefully it turns out well

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There will be a preview stream July 6 (?). They are usually worth checking out

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As they say, Soon™

And the proper testing starts the day after… :roll_eyes:


This is correct. The public reveal stream of 5.0 will be on Monday, July 6 / Tuesday, July 7 (depending on your location in the world). Updates have a tendency to be released anywhere between the next day or up to two weeks after the public reveal stream based on when the updates pass certification processes for the consoles.


As well as Google (usually not an issue) Apple (can be an issue) and Steam (never an issue at least with GoW). Oh and Amazon I assume.
So 6 clients need to approve of each update. Nintendo does for Switch but they aren’t on the same schedule as the rest of the game in regards to releases.

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Does this mean the next faction release will coincide with 5.0? In which case I can take on the harpies tomorrow

5.0 will most likely come before the next new Faction.
Unless 5.0 gets delayed for some reason.
Personally, I think the new patch will be out next week.
Other’s are saying 2 weeks from now.

I don’t see it dropping next week, because isn’t the preview stream next week? That would be cutting it awfully fine.

Thank you. I just left my guild and doubt I will bother joining anorher. The new mythic may well be the last time I engage

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They’ve done it before. Hell even one time the patch rolled out as the preview stream was going on.
If ready by next week it’ll be released. Simple as that.

We’ve had a “surprise, update is today/tomorrow!” on a preview stream before. Just once I think, but it means it’a possible :smiley: I don’t think that will happen this time. From the spoilers we’ve seen, I think they already delayed the update by a week at some point, so my guess is it will be out later rather than sooner.

In general though, there’s no reason why an update couldn’t happen really close to the preview. The closer to the release that the preview is done, the more Salty can say during it because more things have been decided/confirmed.