4.7 Trophy Changes: Discussion and Critique

I wanted to provide a thread dedicated to the discussion of the Trophy changes in the 4.7 update.

Here is the old table of trophy sources:

Source Amount
Casual PvP (Left/Center/Right) 1 Trophy per Battle
Ranked PvP (Left) 1 Trophy per Battle
Ranked PvP (Center) 2 Trophies per Battle
Ranked PvP (Right) 3 Trophies per Battle
Raid Boss/Invasion/Tower of Doom 2 Trophies per Battle
Guild Wars 1-3 Trophies per Battle*
Arena 2/4/6/10/15/20/25/30 Trophies per run (up to 3.75 Trophies per Battle)
* I recall seeing various numbers for this, I'm not sure if it varies by rank.

The new update has not removed or nerfed any trophy sources; instead, the following sources have been added:

Source Amount
Explore (Difficulty 1-4) 1 Trophy per Battle
Explore (Difficulty 5-8) 2 Trophies per Battle
Explore (Difficulty 9-12) 3 Trophies per Battle
Challenge (Tier 1-4) 1 Trophy per Battle
Challenge (Tier 5-8) 2 Trophies per Battle
Challenge (Tier 9-10) 3 Trophies per Battle
Story Quests 1 Trophy per Battle
Adventure Task 1 Trophy per Battle
Delve 1 Trophy per Battle**
Dungeons 1 Trophy per Battle
Pet Rescues 1 Trophy per Battle***
Class Trial 2 Trophies per Battle
Faction Assault 1 Trophy per Battle****
** This number does not scale with difficulty.
*** I haven't checked to see how much battles in this mode give.
**** It is unknown if Faction Assault battles give 1 or 2 Trophies per battle (since it is a Live Event).

What do you think of these changes? Do they cheapen the value of Trophies? Do they make it easier to spend time on tasks other than PvP, such as Challenge completion and Medal farming?

The changes are a nice addition.
Trophies never had any real value except for people trying to climb up the guild tiers to reach max rank: God
Yeah, I’ve been spending most of time in Explore, since that’s where they want us to play. Doesn’t help they’ve neutered Ranked and Casual PvP for the time being.


Casual is only 1 trophy regardless of match up.

If delves give 1 trophy per battle. Then FA will as well.

I had no real opinion of these changes when announced, but as I sit and think about it, they’re kind of a negative, from a GM perspective. Whereas before, they used to signify contributions to guild success, or to improving guild visibility, they now are only a proxy for player activity. Is that of any value, to anybody?

It’s not really going to cause any problems - the competitive guilds have other metrics they use for guild contributions in events. But it does take a semi-pointless metric, and make it even more pointless.


1 trophy battle in PVP is quite a bit harder than a 1 trophy battle in explore. They should have kept it the way it was. If they had to make explore or some of the other things gain Trophy’s then it should be 1 at most. Like hard explore 1 and easy explore zero. Pvp with classes are quite a bit harder than some of this other stuff.

No. You can’t cheapen something that had no real value.

Anywho, I think it was a great change.

Guilds took it upon themselves to use trophies as a way to judge a player’s level of activity. However, being active in other game modes like delves and explore hurt trophy gains for your guild. It makes far more sense to just award trophies in every battle so that players can pick which mode they want to play most while still fulfilling trophy obligations.


People spamming Arena with Dawnbringer for trophies was easier than PvP. There was always going to be some “easier” way to do things. At least people have more options now.


Trophies are a poor indicator and always were, although this revision helps to some extent. However, a guild member who spends zero gems and ignores guild events can now camouflage this by an excessive trophy count fuelled by serving his own best interests in explore. Of course their lack of teamwork is apparent from event participation LBS within the guild but this approach promotes selfish play. I expect guild hopping opportunist players to reap the rewards unless devs ban ALTS. I think this is a must.

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I think I want to get 2x Class XP from more places is what I think.


Agreed. But where? Crap gold with crap classes like slayer in 1T pvp? Pfft

I love the change. Our guild has a requirement of 100 trophies, now I no longer have to tell people they have to play at least some PvP to stay with us. The only downside is, I haven’t seen a pet rescue in a while…

Still, good overall. We’ve been slipping in ranks because very few in the guild enjoy PvP. If we continue slipping now, at least it will be because other guilds are more active overall, not just in one game mode and that feels more fair.

I’m pretty sure I can do 30T quite a bit quicker in pvp than someone in arena using DB with no mana start. I guess they want to give participation Trophies for everything you do in the game now it seem. No matter if it takes 5 seconds or a minute and a half. Not a fan. Maybe to counter this they should make pvp 3/4/5 instead of what it is now or just do away with pvp.

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Remind me what trophies get again? Can they be exchanged for gold or tokens or keys?

No? Then I guess I don’t care.


I love getting 3 trophies in explore level 12. That’s all I’ve been doing the past few days to get Tokens, badges, and medals

Fixed Faction Assault, Pet Rescue, Casual PvP in the OP.

Is that not what trophies are? Participation trophies?

Delve and Raid Boss/Invasion/Tower of Doom should have a number of trophies (1, 2 or 3) depending of the difficulty. Like Challenge and Explore.