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Change to Battle Awards (It's Good, We Promise!)

Hello adventurers, we have made some changes to the amount of gold you will receive in battle. Read on to see how these changes will effect you. (Spoiler alert, you’ll likely be receiving more gold!)

  • There was a bug that saw a player’s Difficulty modifier being applied to Dungeon and Event battles. This has been removed as Difficulty is not applied to these battles.

  • All Dungeon, Event, Delve and Vault battles, when won, will have their gold increased to match what is given awarded from Explore Battles. (200 bonus gold. This will be affected by the bonuses the player has.) This means that even though we have fixed the bug with the Difficulty modifier, you’ll most likely be getting more gold per battle moving forward. Yay!

  • Also, completing a Guild Event Battle will award 2 Trophies. This change affects Raid Boss, Invasion and Tower of Doom Battles.


These changes will go live after today’s reset i assume?

It is live on console and PC/Mobile is going out now. :slight_smile: It can take some time to propagate, but everyone should have it before daily reset.

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I must be dreaming, someone pinch me!


Love, love, love this change! Thanks devs :smiley_cat:


This is a move in the right direction. Each delve battle should also be rewarded 1 trophy. The time it takes to win a battle on the lowest level can be exactly replicated in a casual PvP match.
I won’t take it personal that this comes out after my guild closed all the portals this week. :wink:


+1 like for the cheeky thread title.


Waits for trolls to debate the use of the word “good”. Lol


It’s just an itty bitty piece of information that can be important for people that would wait to get some trophies if it matters to their guilds.

seems nice on paper, wait and see kind of moment.

Love this. I’ve been struggling to get decent trophy numbers on raid/invasion weeks.


This is really cool! :slightly_smiling_face: Something, something, asking too much, but @Saltypatra do you know if any thought’s been given to earning seals from some of these modes, too? Obvs there are balance considerations, but just curious to know. Related thread:


Cheeky is favourite word, it is known.



With the introduction of clan orbs there shouldn’t be a need for more ways to earn seals. It would serve to cheapen those orbs further. A moderately active guild can already hit 40k while missing a few players thanks to orbs. Besides, all more ways to earn seals would do is speed up how soon you hit the 1500 cap. All the rest of those seals would go to waste after that.


I request that all trophies that would have been earned from Invasion battles already completed this week be applied retrospectively. :wink:

Yeah, I can dream about this lol.

These are realy good news about the trophies and my guildmates will love it too. Thanks for that. :heart:

I wonder how many publisher meetings they had before they were allowed to make this change…

Clan orbs are only cheapened if used before the 1500 seal cap. Everything after that is profit for the player.


Finally! A change I can get behind.

My only “gripe” with this is the change came late in the Invasion week. So, the people who did their Sigils “early” lost out on a lot of trophies. That… Kind of stinks.

Its a nice change, overall, though :slight_smile:

On a semi related note, can we get at least some trophies for Delves? At lower levels, Delves can be as easy and quick as some Casual PvP or Arena. And, at higher levels, can be just as hard and time consuming as Raids and Invasions and such (when also at high levels), all of which award trophies now.

So, I feel, based on this, Delves should at least give some trophies, even if it’s just 1 per battle.



Finally those events gives some trophies! :laughing:Thank you so much for listening to us.