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Earning Seals in 4.0

Hello there,

When the game was young, you could earn guild seals by doing almost anything! No matter which part of the content you consumed, you were available to get extra seals by demonstrating excellence.


Good at Arena? Check. Treasure Hunt Master? Check. Good at logging in? You get the point.

We have not had an update to the way that seals are earned in a very long time…or maybe ever. Please introduce ways to earn seals in the new content modes beyond ‘Battles Won (Any Type)’

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Raid - Complete a Stage (10 Seals)
  2. Invasion - Complete a Stage (10 Seals)
  3. Pet Battle - Finish Stage 8 (20 Seals)
  4. Delve - Complete a Delve (20 Seals)
  5. Use a Team of 4x Ragnagord (1000 Seals)
  6. Dungeon - Beat all three Bosses (20 Seals)

None of these would be game breaking, and they would allow you to help out your guild when spending your time out of PvP.

Thank you.


+1. :+1:

We need a trophy overhaul too!


They are focusing on guild stuff in the next update so hopefully they will take these into consideration


10 straight battles without a crash…200 seals.


6 Seals for “Win an Explore battle on Max Difficulty” is a joke.

Given you get 5 Seals for a victory and you can bash out Normal level battles in 30 seconds or less, why should anyone bother grinding out a win on Max difficulty, when they could get virtually the same amount from a Normal level battle that would take fraction of the time?

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5 for the battle + 6 from max difficulty.
But yes, it’s a bad “deal”.