Explore needs trophies!

What do you think?

I think any fight in the game deserves at least 1 trophy. How about it?

Trophies in explore!!


I love the idea.

Why? What will this do. Trophies really should be PvP only imho.


I like getting trophies for my guild, but I also want to farm explore. How does it hurt you if I get trophies while doing what I enjoy doing? You are free to do all the pvp you like, me getting a trophy after each explore battle won’t effect you at all.

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The trophy leaderboards will get thrown completely off as explores on lower difficulty take little to no time and can be won in a single cast easily.

Ranked PvP you can’t win in one move or cast.


Casual PvP can… For 1 trophy.


It’s all about grinding in the game. The leaderboards won’t be affected especially if its even only 1 trophy.

Maybe 3 for 12.

Maybe do 1 trophy for levels 1 to 3, 2 trophies for levels 6 to 9 and 3 trophies for levels 10 to 12. Or even just 3 for level 12 only.


I think it’s a good idea to give at least 1 trophy for explore fights. Obviously, trophies aren’t reserved for Ranked PVP since you can get them for easy Casual PVP, Arena and certain events.


I’m still shocked how many top guilds cling to trophies
Once u hit a million, all u get is the occasional new guild shield
They have become irrelevant


We need a guild level leader board instead :laughing:

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i definitely agree that explore could award 1 trophy per match or even less like 5 trophy per mythic explore? without making any imbalance in the way trophy can be earned… especially given that casual pvp can be played in a way to farm opponents with team score under 6k which have low enough stats to sunbird sweep to the tune of 100t per hour… just sayin

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Add trophies and 1 extra class XP for mythic boss battle, and add 1 extra class XP for miniboss? I think this will work fine

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I’m with @Ghaleon. Trophies have no business being in explore.

The point of the game is to give every mode something different to obtain than any other mode in an attempt to make people choose what the want to achieve and in turn give up something else.

Every mode has its strengths & weaknesses (as they should):

PvP = trophies, moderate gold, ingots, moderate speed, 2 class xp
Explore = medals, high gold, high speed, traitstones & soul farming, 1 class xp
Weekly & weekend events = orbs, trophies, small amounts of nearly every currency, 2 class xp
Arena = trophies, glory keys, souls
Treasure hunt = gem keys, glory, small amounts of gold/souls
Delves = ingots, gold, + stats

Trophies are already worthless except to show you have tons of time available to grind all day, what purpose would it serve if you get them in every game mode other than to make them even more worthless still? It doesn’t make any sense to over-duplicate what can be farmed from each mode. We should have to make choices about what’s important to us to spend our time on and what resources we want to farm. We shouldn’t be able to get it all from any single mode.


Agree with some other: Explore has nothing to do with trophies.
If you are farming Explore it’s only for you (like Delve) and not for your guild.

I was on the side for trophies in Raid Boss and Invasion events, but these events are guild-based.


Explore doesn’t need trophys, it needs pet gnomes and 2 xp for difficulty 10-12.


Arena is also just for the individual player not the guild, and you can make a decent amount of trophies there.

Trophies are a deprecated feature: they’re from back in GoW 1, but the game is GoW 2 now; they’re not tied to any real-money shop; they’re not a time-bound reward that leans hard into FOMO; they don’t require a constant gem investment to keep up with. So, they’re not gonna add them to any new game modes.

Or at least not until a hypothetical PVP revamp where, say, trophies become a new form of currency for a new shop with rotating weekly rewards, that comes from a new type of PVP match that require tokens to play, with more tokens available from tiered gem-purchase rewards.

Just trophies?
Why not gems, deeds, chaos shards, diamonds, vip keys, and even one and another mythic troop drop as well?🤷


Because… that’s stupid.