4.7 "Humble" Requests (too late for 4.6)

Make trophies great again and add them to Explore please. 4.6 removed “the end game from us all” but league ranks are still dependent on trophies.

IF (unconfirmed at this point) Explore doesn’t increase champion hero XP from 1 to 2. Please make it happen with 4.7

Time to retire trophies, and change the leaderboard to Guild level instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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trophies dont need to be more worthless than they already are. why add to an unused currency to a meaningless ranking system?

spend Trophies on something for the guild would be nice. if not just remove them.

there are so so so many other LBs that can be added that have real meaning…


That would move us up a rank so I’m down for that.

Some people like playing for trophies. Some do not.
The only way to judge a guilds activity outside of it is the trophy system. Whether it’s viewed on a weekly basis or an overall all time basis. If you ask guild rank 1 to guild rank 1000 and everything in between… If they have have an active guild… They would all say yes. But there’s definitely a variance in activity between 1 and 1000.

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Guild level.

Guild Level is only increased BY GOLD DONATIONS to the guild, not some silly trophy grind.

Please provide me the guild level leaderboard. Lol
Because right now I can show you the trophy activity of every guild in the top 500 this week so far regardless of platform.

Maybe if we did have a guild level leader board you wouldn’t have to wonder why you don’t dominate GW every week.

No one dominates guild wars on PC/mobile. But this thread also has nothing to do with that. So if you’re here to argue then we’re done here. If you’re here to share your thoughts on the actual OP then feel free to continue.

Trophies are dumb.

They used to mean something, but too many game modes don’t use them. And it’s just a stupid grind that no longer represents true guild power.

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Instead of forcing players to play a certain amount everyday go to a monthly cycle for the recurring daily events. (This would not effect the adventure board, the dungeon or the weekly guild events.) Every month every player would have a certain number of daily faction events and daily class trials. You can have more than 1 going at time, but once you start one you have 24 hours. Faction events or class trials for new classes or factions would not be impacted by this since they come when they’re ready. I’m only referring to the recurring ones for existing classes and factions.

That respects the fact a player just may not have time today, but may have time tomorrow.