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PVP rank/points in Guild roster

I was wondering about either replacing, or revising the PVP info in guild roster, would be nice if we could actually see our guildies PVP ranks, as well as their points to see how close we are to them other than just their tier. :smiley: I know its probably coming in 2.1, just curious @nimhain @sirrian

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guess noone likes this idea?

Sorry forgot to reply, Yes i would like this done.

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Actually, I don’t see the point in adding people’s PVP points or ranks to a guild display. What would be the purpose? Beyond that, the guild display is already full.

because some people like to see where they par up with guildies quickly, instead of having to scour the leaderboard

That or the restriction to get/hit a certain number of pvp points at the end of the week could replace number of trophies in the guild roster as those trophies are becoming more and more abundant.

well the trophies are nice, would be better if it showed trophies and pvp points.

lol… As if they need to add more drama around PVP points.

Some guilds have a trophy minimum which due to the new pvp makes them easier to reach so those restrictions might go up.

I know. Trophy requirements are common knowledge. The guild league is based on trophies after all. So, it makes sense that the requirement is associated with trophies. It’s pretty simple to raise trophy requirements,

True but to what degree, wouldn’t it be better to just give a pvp score to reach?

It makes no sense to me for guilds to start using PVP points as requirements since they are only indirectly related to trophies. The trophies themselves are directly related to the league leaderboard. Heck, a person could make their trophies in arena or casual for that matter.

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True but therein lies the problem. If guilds with donation requirements for gold and trophies are being cheesed by arena runs. With pvp points it is harder to maintain as you have to stay active for the whole week and it guarantees trophy donation without having to wait for the trophy reset.

What does the reset day have to do with anything? Any requirement you set will have to be checked at some point. If your guild needs 300 trophies to stay competitive, you simply set that as the requirement. It’s simple and straightforward. It isn’t complex. It’s a simple matter of math to determine how many trophies a guild needs to make to stay ahead of the next guild. It makes no sense to use an indirect metric when you already have a direct one.

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This is true however think of it this way. Getting pvp points already translate to trophies. Just getting to 1900 points was 0 games in one week i had but i was also only doing easy a lot. Those that do hard get more points and more trophies so they have less battles to get those trophies. If i set-up the points requirement to say 2500, they could reach that in one day but then they have to keep playing to maintain it which translates to trophies for the guild. Unlike current trophy requirements that can possibly be reached in day 1-3. This maintains guild activity overtime instead of sporadic.

Why do you care if the person brings in 300 trophies on Tuesday versus Saturday? 300 trophies is 300 trophies.

The reason i care is because of swen gweba. i do not want a repeat of swen gweba to exist in the trophy leaderboard.

Some random guilds setting PVP points as their requirement won’t stop hackers.

True but it will give guild leaders and others tools to recognize them. Just think of the number of players who have already claimed hax against those at the top of the current leaderboard for pvp. If it wasn’t for someone paying attention to swen gwiba they may have gotten away with it. However if a guild member can monitor pvp points while also setting that as a limit then they can monitor something like: how someone got 5 trophies but only 10 pvp points as an example for a bottle which would mean a cheater is in the guild. What if swen was more than one player and some innocent bystander had gotten banned because of it. This tool can be another anti-cheat system.

That’s all based on false assumptions. It isn’t an anti-cheat system. It’s easy to get 5 trophies with low PVP points. It’s called playing arena.

People should leave game policing to the devs,

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