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Show trophy count on PVP screen

Currently the only way to see one’s trophy count is going to the guild roster.
It would be very helpful to have this information on the PVP selection screen.


Great idea.

On Xbox, I think the perfect location for a weekly trophy count would be on the bottom right, next to the Refresh 1 :gem: or 50 coins.


@Saltypatra @Cyrup

Easy to implement and non-controversial QOL improvement :thinking:


Not a bad idea! I would be curious what others think as well…


I like it. I hate having to go back to guild to check


It’s either going to guild roster or counting on my fingers and toes up to 10. Great suggestion.

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This is great information to display in the menu the developers already created. Its called “Stats” two bumpers over in the PvP menu now.

A few players live only for Trophy count, most players look for Guild requirements, curiosity, self goals, etc…, and finally a few players could care less about Trophies.

But essentially Trophies are a weekly Stat.

True, but enough of us are interested in this particular stat (for the reasons you mention) that I think having it on the PVP ranked/casual screens would be more helpful.

+1 to this feature

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Oh I agree that the half dozen forum posters that focus on Trophies are VERY interested in this. But hardcore Trophy grinders are a small group of players. Plus I’m just not a fan of more clutter.

I wish the developer would include this, and far more PvP stats in the PvP Stats menu. For example in the Events leaderboards we need more info as well, but I would not want to see that every time I started a Event battle, more info should be in the leaderboard.

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I would guess that anyone in a guild with a trophy requirement would like to see this information right on the main PVP screen. I have to think that this population of players is quite large! You could do it without clutter- just put a trophy icon in the lower left corner with a number next to it.

That said, what you are suggesting would still be a significant improvement over having to go to the guild menu and scroll way down the roster.

Ok, I understand you’d like to see your Trophy count in a more convenient location such as the PVP match making or Stats tabs.

Just to be clear this is personal trophy count not Guild?

I, absolutely, love this idea! I am constantly exiting PVP to go into Guild and look at my Trophy count.

I would rather see it in the upper right, before the Gold amount you have. Like, have the little trophie icon, how many you have next to it, and then the gold icon and it’s amount next to the Trophies. I hope that makes sense.

I prefer an “upper right” location, because that’s where everything is, everywhere else, in the game. Like, Glory, Souls, and all that on the main screen, how many Guild Seals you have in the Guild Chest menu, etc. Its all in the upper right. I like that.

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Correct. Personal weekly trophy count. Maybe just an icon in the corner with a number next to it (similar to the gem count icon)

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I’ve passed on the suggestion