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Trophies not going onto Guild total PS4 (Fixed)

A new bug comes to visit us today someone on Global asked if anyone else was having the same problem with Trophies,It turned out YES we our the problem is the character gets the Trophy added to his/her total,but it’s not being added to the Guild total.I’ve logged off and on and it’s still not added,makes no difference if its PvP or Arena.


I wonder if messing with leaderboards display has something to do with this.

Fix one thing and add another bug. :thinking:

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@Cyrup or @Kafka, can you please take a look. Check and see if it is ps4 or all platforms as well. Thanks.


I just started to pay attention. Two matches and no movement.

This is awesome!

The real question is how long has this been going on for and I know it doesn’t really matter but still.

What other numbers aren’t adding up right?

It’s not just trophies, guild roster numbers too.
Looks like it has frozen for now, pretty sure the devs will put some coins in the meter when they wake up :laughing:

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Here is my two cents, for what it is worth, you all should reset the trophy count either monthly or yearly and attach some type of reward system for the contest. Right now if a guild reaches 1000000 trophies, why get more? No incentive . Just saying.


My personal numbers are going up. Just not the total on the leaderboards.


Guild roster page display is incorrect but the page after a pvp match is right.


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Hey everyone

Thanks for reporting this.

The issue has been resolved for PS4 and PC/Mobile, it was a visual problem so if you restart your game you will find that the League Tab of the Guild menu should now be calculating correctly.