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Trophy count wrong


@Sirrian, @Nimhain

I just reached tier 1 for the week and my trophy count on the guild roster screen is wrong, I’m missing trophies. I took 32 battles to reach tier 1, of which 31 of them were 3 trophy fights and 1 was a 2 trophy fight, which means I should have 95 trophies so far for the week, but I only have 63 trophies. Why? Not sure what is happening.

Anyone else have this problem?


Also I just noticed that when I went to claim my guild seals, I only had 21x next to ranked PvP battle and only 8x for PvP tier.

I’m tier 1 now, so I should have 14x for PvP tier and 32x for PvP battles (as thats how many it took).

It looks like the first 11 battles didn’t count for some reason, not awarding trophies, seals, etc.