There is a bug in guild stat

There is a bug In the guild → roster page, where independent of enemy chosen for PvP match, every win increase 1 trophy while in the guild → activity page and guild → league page this win led an increase of 2/3 trophies.

@Sirrian @Nimhain


Same here.

please fix it

The developers are aware of the trophy issue. I don’t know where they stand on a fix, but they at least know it is happening.

I think is a bit different [quote=“Nimhain, post:1, topic:7368”]
Gaining 1 Less trophy from pvp than display. Status: Investigating.

mentioned in the 2.0 Known Issues from what I have said …

Anyway if I have misunderstood and devs are already aware… better,I hope they could find and fix as soon as possible this bug. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t understand your original post. Please tell me if this isn’t what you mean:

When you check your trophy count in the Roster tab of the Guild menu, each PVP win only awards one trophy. However, in two other tabs (League and Activity) the correct number of trophies is reported.

If that is correct, I think it’s the same as the bug Nimhain was talking about. When people want to check their trophy counts, they probably look in the Roster tab – I never thought about looking in the Activity tab! So they would see fewer trophies awarded than they expect.

Yes, it’s what I meant.