PvP Trophy Concern

I am hyped for 2.0, especially the new PvP system!

However, I have a concern from the current PvP system which, as far as I know, is NOT changing in 2.0. Losing TROPHIES after a defeat makes me cringe and now that I am entering the new system where they will fix the exit the client “cheat” as a lvl 204 player, I am really concerned about the ramifications this will have on my Guild.

I think that they have done a great job setting a system where negative trophies will no longer be needed as a deterrent. Now that each player is earning individual PvP points, why can they not stand alone as the negative currency in event of a defeat or exiting because I pulled a mythic Gorgotha against my KoS team?

I am not a fan of my GUILD suffering for my ineptitude and/or bad luck. I do not care about my win ratio, you win some you lose some, I get it. The only reason I quit is because I do not want to be counter productive to my guild. They should share in my victories, not my defeats. Let my personal PvP points be decimated by losses but don’t hurt my Guild… PLEASE!


I don’t believe trophies can be deducted in 2.0. It definitely won’t in casual, but ranked too will likely not have trophy losses. Only PvP points can be lost.

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@tacet If that is true… then I TOTALLY missed it in the preview and I am officially a VERY HAPPY sardine!!

PS: If you get the salty fish reference, good for you forum-reader! :wink:


I personally know guild master of your guild and he seems to me like a kind of guy that won’t kick you. .

@DonBoba He still seems shady to me… oh… uh… I… um… Hi Don! :innocent:

@sirrian @Nimhain Can either of you, or any dev whom I don’t know by name yet, confirm this as fact?

Thank you!

Another PC dev I know of: @Andrew

In 2.0 you don’t lose trophies in PvP anymore :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation. :smile_cat:

@Andrew You have no idea how happy you have made me!! I can’t wait to watch my win rate plummet!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok maybe that isn’t quite the right sentiment… :grin: