4.1 Patch Notes

Well, the “bug” was described in all detail and pointed out to the devs two years ago. They didn’t mind, so it’s somewhat suprising this was changed now, without mentioning it in any way. I guess the proper course of action is to submit a bug report, if the nerf had been intentional it would have been included in the patch notes.

They promised they wouldnt nerf tributes, but probably nothing against fixing it.


I havent got some big tributes like 15 to 20 since 4.1 so I cant tell for sure now. But the tributes around 10-12 kingdoms I got gave me around 100 glory. It seems a little low compared to prior 4.1. Will have to check more tributes to be sure.
To know if the “bug” is still here, we need to add all 34 kingdoms glory income and then add the 10% statue bonus. If you receive a tribute with a bigger glory total than that, then the bug is still present.

You are assuming that the statue is only supposed to add 10% to the end result. The calculation was somewhat more complicated and beneficial for players, ever since statues were introduced. The devs were okay with that handling and didn’t announce any changes, which makes this new handling a bug until classified otherwise.

Yes, I assume that its added at the end but if its added after each tributes, the total should be the same no?
exemple with 3 kingdoms giving each 10 glory: 10+10+10= 30 then 10% of 30 = 3. 30+3= 33
or 10 + 10% of 10 = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33.

Have you another method you suppose it worked?

Well one thing is clear, there was (still is?) another method because how would it be possible to reach 800 or 900 glory then? But I have no idea how it worked to reach such totals.

The details how it used to work is roughly 20 posts up, you just need to scroll a little.

Your post with 10 , 15 and 20 kingdoms exemple? well if you add 10% at the end or 10% after each tributes, you still have same total as I demonstrated in my previous post so it must be another method, no?

Yes, but this bit:

Written out fully, old method:

[(10*1.1 + 10)*1.1 + 10]*1.1 + … ten times, gives you 175.311…

New method (as you described):

(10 *1.1) + (10 *1.1) + (10 *1.1) + … OR

(10 + 10 + 10 + …)*1.1

ten times, gives you 110, as expected.


I think this still makes sense.

The old method, as above.

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4.1 hit me hard with how much work dwelves are. With all the other extra daily/weekly stuff I have to do to keep up I decided I’m ready to try quiting again.

I’m leaving the final decision to the game. If GoW gives me 2 major ascension orbs after I finish bounty then the game wants me to stay. Otherwise, it approves my decision to quit.

Send me a sign, RNGesus.

Thanks, I get it now. That explain these 800-900 glory tributes. :+1:

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You probably had better odds of hitting the $1.6B Powerball jackpot than you have of continuing to play GoW, then. Good luck with your post-Gems life!


Someone should have told @Kafka that


In a turn of events that will surprise no one, I got 2 major growth orbs. So the game didn’t want me to stay all that bad. I’ll be leaving TUF:Power Gems at the end of the week and my final week we got to play in bracket 1 GW, so that was fun.

Quitting means I can get started on my next novel soon. My first novel, The Internet President: None of the Above won an award and the audiobook should be coming out in January, done by the same narrators who did the Ender’s Game audiobooks. In spite of that, I’ve been putting this game first.

I also realized that if I came back in a year or two, it’d give me something to do with those 7 million extra souls and thousands of traitstones. Although I’m sure there’d be another 10 new currencies by then.


By my calculation the total glory of all 34 maxed kingdoms is 391. (with obviously Whithelm as home kingdom). So with 10% more from Guild statue, it give a total of 430.
So maximum glory received in 1 tribute shouldnt exceed 430 if they really changed the calculation method. And to have 430 glory, we should trigger a 34 kingdom tribute which is of course impossible.

If someone receive more than 430 glory in 1 tribute, feel free to let me know. That would indicate old calculation formula is still in effect.
If they really made this ninja nerf, its maybe because of the new glory gnome release?

About Whithelm, I actually dont have 11 stars and x3,25 tribute amount. Im actually at 60 glory. I counted 66 glory for 11 stars assuming 32,5 was rounded to 33. If thats not the case then that should give 64 glory at whithelm for a total of 428 in place of 430.

I wish you success in your new novel. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if it got changed in a past update but just fought a Zuulgoth in pvp (you dont see him often) and seen despite the tooltip say one shot spell he can cast it all the times he want, dont see anything on notes about him (last time i’ve seen one was single cast).

Also, since when fizzbang got changed from boosting magic to a random skill (dont use gobs so noticed only now, just curious)?

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Can’t say anything about Zuul’goth but as for Fizzbang, she has always been able to buff her magic but it’s the rarest of the buffs.

Yes, ik about magic, my still only epic Fizz was +5 to magic or explode, noticed yesterday now it say +18 to a skill.

Zull guess is a bug seen the tooltip didnt changed, well, at least now he got some use, with 3 xploders he was filling kinda fast (ok, i was testing strange teams fof gw and not using my real pivvvipi team, however, lost both times i’ve meet that team).

@Maxx Thanks. I wrote that article before 4.1, overlooked updating it to reflect these changes, I will correct it soon.

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Surely the haste scroll gives 2 sigils? Otherwise what’s the point of spending 1 sigil to gain 1 sigil?

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