4.1 Patch Notes

A few people used to track their tributes. Not sure if theyre still doing it
Maybe @anon43026234 or @Calv1n can help

Gold earned from tributes has been vastly reduced, intentionally or not.

Doesn’t require a whole heap of data to prove this.

…oh sh-yay-.
There goes the economy.

Base value for each kingdom tribute is 10 points, with each point being worth either 25 gold, 4 souls or 1 glory. When multiple tributes arrive, the old formula used to pick the first, multiply it by the guild statue bonus, add the second, multiply it by the guild statue bonus, add the third, multiply it by the guild statue bonus and so on. The new formula seems to add all up, then multiply them by the guild statue bonus.

Net worth of tributes (at 10 points contribution of each kingdom, disregarding power based multipliers to simply things):

  • 10 kingdoms: 175 points old, 110 points new
  • 15 kingdoms: 350 points old, 165 points new
  • 20 kingdoms: 630 points old, 220 points new

The change happened with this patch. It’s quite obvious when reverse calculating net worth of tributes received, requires a bit of eyeballing though. The hourly income needs to be subtracted and the change to base points at 2 stars (20 points) and 7 stars (30 points) taken into account.


Hm. I always wanted to check the numbers in the “most glory/souls from a tribute” thread to see if they were possible. I guess now I know they weren’t. I will keep an eye out for this over my next couple of tributes and compare against the high-rolling values from that thread.

Edit again: I swear we already went through a process like this back when Guild statues first came out. I’m surprised this order-of-operations issue still persisted.

Two years ago, good old times. :slight_smile:

124, Hall of Guardians.

After failing several times with the faction team at delve level 300, I reluctantly increased the hoard above 100 even though the cost/benefit ratio seemed terrible. (Unless using mythic and legendary treasures, which I might someday regret if a game update changes the rules.) The extra points didn’t seem to help at all and I feel I wasted a lot of gold. After some more tries at hoard 124 I gave up. My other factions are all still at 100 hoard and I’ll be even more reluctant to increase them.

Doing 4 delves with the Maw team including 3 wins, I don’t remember a time a troop survived with less than ~24 life and I won the delve, but it might have happened.


This is what I was fearing as well, max hoard level is at 100 atm for me.

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Put this in Feature Requests (my suggestion) (if there isn’t already a thread on this there already) - that’s where it’s mostly likely to be read/upvoted/replied to/acted upon.

Folks, DE is still one of the best weapons in the game for PVE or PVP events.


About tributes: Gold, glory and souls seems lower since 4.1 update but I cant tell for sure.
One thing Im sure is since months (year?) we received too much Souls, glory and gold in tributes.
An exemple with Glory: I calculated months ago the total of glory we could receive if we got a magical tribute with ALL kingdoms (at that time we had 31 or 32 kingddms I think). The total was something like 230 (I really dont remember exact number but its not important). Now if I add 10% from statue (23), that give 253 glory total. And that is if we received the impossible 32 tributes! But yet, I often received at that time tributes with 400+ glory and many people posted here tributes with much glory as well.

So its clear something was wrong with glory, souls and gold rewards at that time. And it was in favour of the players for once. Probably now all is simply back to normal if something have really changed since 4.1 which I cant confirm.

They have nerfed tributes and the amount they give. Take Khaziel for example, it’s base bonus was 400 gold and when doubled, was 800. Now though? It only gives 750 at the doubled stage and while 50 gold is minor, take that into consideration for ALL kingdoms.

I don’t think that is correct. Khaziel gives 10 points of tribute as a base, just like every other kingdom (except Wild Plains, perhaps as compensation for its troops). One point is 25 gold, 4 souls, or 1 glory. Since Khaziel is all gold, there’s a 250 gold base tribute level. Double that at three(?) stars of kingdom power, and triple it at seven. Double it again if Khaziel is your home kingdom.

The only gold it’s possible to get from Khaziel is
250: < 3 stars, not home kingdom
500: 3-6 stars, not home kingdom
750: 7+ stars, not home kingdom
500: < 3 stars, home kingdom
1000: 3-6 stars, home kingdom
1500: 7+ stars, home kingdom

There’s no way to get 400 gold out of Khaziel, but both Broken Spire and nearby Stormheim can pay out 400 gold on tributes. Maybe you were thinking of that?


What a huge compensation!!! Now excuse me for a moment…


as @Grundulum explained, Khaziel base stat is 250 gold, so with triple tribute, 750 is the correct number.

What I was explaining in my previous post is a different problem. If its really what I believe, then the max glory we will see will be around 200-300. To know exactly, just check all your kingdoms glory income, add them all and then add 10% for statue bonus. You should be around 250 or 300? For sure not 800 or 900 like we can see on the thread about best glory for 1 tribute.
It demonstrate that all these 700-800-900 glory in 1 tribute where just the result of a bug.

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CK troops can now show up in other Delves???
This doesn’t feel right.

SS is from SoS.
Unless you make it that we can get the Faction team Renown with any Faction troop regardless of Faction they belong to.

That would be awesome like in megaman and pokemon. Just imagine taking advantage of a faction weakness.


off topic @crow…but i have to ask, are you sure that ure not a Valraven?


Nope! And stop killing my people! Buy sigils save a Valraven.


Pretty sure Sea Witch also appears in one of the delve rooms as well. Can’t recall the name of it but it does have Azura with her.

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