4.1 Patch Notes

Yeah I saw that soon comment but couldn’t post. I am interested in fixes and balance “soon” as opposed to pushing out new content at full speed without consideration.

I think @Sheba doesn’t understand “Soon” meme from some long time players perspective. Console will have parity with PC soon, 20 MONTHS later accomplished. Justice league will be fixed soon, 11 MONTHS later on console fixed.


That’s why my stance regarding Delves is to always keep one of them at a the minimum level (20) to have an option of playing quick battles. Since we can’t reduce the Delve Level/Difficulty this was necessary to keep these activities at a “non-burden” level.

And since the devs decided to destroy the Dragon’s Eye strategy, some people might be stuck with all Delves at High levels with long tiresome battles until a new Faction arrives. I wonder if eventually they will change Delves to always increase their level if you defeat the boss just like the Faction Events works…


To me, “Soon ™” just means “Hopefully not soon because the game will just get worse again, so let’s be happy it’s not now”…

Oh, yeah, I joined August 21st last year, which is, I believe, shortly after console got up to date with PC. I wasn’t around for the other time. :confused: Didn’t know it dated so far back. Just said that because I always see people here “When is the update?!” whenever there is something announced and I personally learned to hope that the update is far away…

Quite frankly, Dragon’s Eye 3-battles were shorter (but more stressful) than clearing a full level 20 delve for me, all rooms. Talking about Crypt here, so 9 battles total (including the boss). That’s 27 battles vs 9 and generally, the DE battles were pretty quick - you can’t draw them out or you get skulled to death and then it’s over anyway. That’s why I was okay with delves again after discovering that strategy. 10 minutes, I can do. An hour, not so much.

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Another reason I like a specific time frame is as a comping mechanism. Like, expect the game to change in “7 days” vs some random day while I was doing Guild Wars and no time to appreciate what we currently have.


Nah. The only reason I didn’t fall into despair about knowing about things like the UI update or the raid/invasion thing was because I didn’t have a countdown to doom and could trick myself into believing it was far away or not existing… delusion wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

So we have all 4 types of gnomes now? Can’t wait to find out what I won’t get from 'em!


The only problem on that is the chest level which won’t be high and will give poor rewards in shards and all. At Level 20 with a Hoard Quality of 10 i finish all 27 battles (3 Delves with 9 rooms) in less than half an hour with true damage teams.

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True, I did get a lot less shards - with the level 20 delve I got one chest a day, with the 3-room highlevel one usually one chest every two days. I had hopes that when the level would get really high (like 500) rewards would get better or something.
But yeah, that’s what I mean with delves being a chore. If you skip things, you get less of the exclusive things you can only get through delves, so you’re being pushed into doing the burnout way of playing for forever. And Crypt Keepers is by FAR the fastest delve, thanks to Titania one-shotting everything.

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Actually the glory gnome seems pretty good. Gives 200, 500, or 1000 glory per encounter - at least that’s what guildmates and I have seen so far.

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If I’m not mistaken the tribute calculation formula was changed, tributes involving a large number of kingdoms now yield much less resources than before. Average tribute income (gold, souls and glory) for players with high kingdom power should be roughly half of the old values, possibly less.

When was this announced?

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I don’t think it was announced, at least I haven’t seen it. I suspect this might be a ninja fix to a rather peculiar handling in the formula that has been around ever since guild statues were introduced.

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I will want more details before breaking out torches and pitchforks. When was this change made? What was the state before and after?


Completely anecdotal, but I was fortunate enough to get a couple of decently high kingdom tributes today that did seem to have rather low glory (I don’t really look at gold or souls). Would be great to have a developer confirm or deny.

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You could try pinging one or more of the dev team that replies here if you are looking for clarification :wink:

I would do it myself but they will just ignore me :cry: :laughing:

Any reason why Vault Keys, don’t appear in the ‘keys’ tab of the inventory?

Agreed. It would be nice to see some actual stats to prove the claim that they ninja nerfed tributes.

Or even just a guess of “here’s what I think before/after are like”. Actual stats take a while to generate, and we can’t go back to pre-fixed version at this point for a direct comparison


/plants giant [CITATION NEEDED] sign in thread.

Anecdotally, I haven’t seen any abnormal behavior regarding tributes.

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The only thing weird about tributes is how Pridelands doesn’t gives me what i expected: