Tower of Doom Event Overview/Guide

In this video guide I cover how the event works, the scrolls you should care about and how to effectively work with your guild to communicate room progress.

A little late in the week for it, but the video hopefully serves more purpose for folks just jumping in for future weeks!


98% good info.
Some notes.

  • You talked about using Heroism scrolls but I don’t think you mentioned that you don’t need to unlock the boss room to use them. The entire floor can be skipped by using them.
  • Any end gamer should wait until floor 25+ before using fireball scrolls. Or if someone is struggling against a match up, use a fireball scroll rather than waste more than 2 sigils.
  • Power scrolls are useless. In your video I heard it like it would just give a +1 to attack, magic, life and armor. Others may hear it differently. When actually power scrolls just give a +1 towards each bar that may eventually give you a stat boost for your guild.
  • It’s better for people to use extra sigils on necessary rooms to defeat them than waste a sigil going for power scrolls in hopes of the rest of their guild doing it as well.

Take my advice for what it’s worth. My guilds seem to be somewhat successful with our strategy. I have no interest in debating about it with anyone. I feel like I’m doing a community a favor by commenting about this tutorial. And I don’t take it very well when my favors get turned into fights/arguments. :grinning:

Nonetheless… Thanks for the video I’m sure it’ll help many!


All good and fair points, especially on how my definition of Power Scrolls may have been misleading.

Appreciate the feedback! I can always improve the content :grin:


Nice video…Thanks.
Did not know what Haste and Power scrolls did until now.
I always just went for Fireball,Heroism and Luck,will go for Haste now in earlier rooms.