Tower of Doom reward changes

Guilds that place in Rank 101+ on the Leaderboard will now earn 5 Gems and 1 Doom Troop.

Sorry, everyone - we made a mistake and let Mongo lose on the patch notes for Version 4.1. In the end, these notes were inscribed with the wrong details - we said that we’d send out rewards for Guilds that placed over level 100 in the Tower of Doom event. However, we never actually sent them to your game! :see_no_evil: Unfortunately, we can’t retrospectively send out the rewards. Instead, to bring balance back to Krystara, all Guilds that place at rank 101+ on the Leaderboard at the end of future events will receive 5 Gems and 1 Doom Troop. The other ranked rewards remain unaffected. This will come into place with the next Tower of Doom Event at 7 am GMT on the 25th February. Here’s what they look like:

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and your patience in getting this fixed!

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Fortunately, you could if you wanted to. Unfortunately, you chose not to.


Was going to say it’s a bit unfair to not send rewards we earnt but doesn’t really matter after they were nerfed.

thank you devs, i’m so grateful for these huge rewards in the future and the missing rewards from the past.
you will see more and more veterans will leave the game, but you don’t care anymore…i see

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Posted 7 minutes prior to this official thread. :grin:

The patch notes were actually correct, they describe exactly what the game claimed the rewards would look like:

It rather appears like the reward script was set up incorrectly, to only hand out rewards to the first 100 placements, probably due to being copied from an event other than the PvP leaderboard. So the script got fixed (which is good) and the reward for non-top guilds significantly nerfed (which is disappointing). I don’t quite see how that “brings balance back to Krystara”, but I guess having to sell a nerf is always a tough job, at least it was communicated prior to taking effect this time.

In an automated way. In the past, when players received less than they were promised, the official recommendation was to open a ticket to receive the missing parts. This also applies here, right?