Tower of Doom rewards aren't being sent out (Fixed)

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Was expecting to get doom troops for placing rank 100+ in Tower of Doom but didn’t get them.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Since Tower of Doom first started

Steps to make it happen again
Play Tower of Doom and wait for the event to end and rewards to be sent out but they are not.

Doesn’t “100+” actually mean “100-51”? That’s how they use the term in the Guild Wars rewards screen.

Never mind. I just closely looked at that for the first time. Yeah, I don’t remember ever getting a Doom reward mail for guild performance.

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I’ve never had it either. The patch notes say we should get rewards

  • At the end of the week all guild members will receive rewards based on their guild’s position (including any guilds that don’t quite make it into the top 100)

Changed it to a bug report.

I feel like I should add that my memory alone is a poor reason to claim this has been happening since the beginning. My recent struggles with learning a foreign language will attest to that!

I for sure didn’t get them in last ToD. I don’t remember ever having the rewards. At first I though I was supposed to get a few gems and troops but when I didn’t I assumed I was wrong.

If you know what doom shop tier you bought, then you can tell if you got reward based on number of doom troops you own. Im just not sure what the number would be.

I buy different amounts every week. Last week I stopped at the weapon, the time before I skipped the weapon and before that I bought past the weapon.

@Maxx Sorry that happened, can you please send a support ticket so we can help you with this one?

I checked my “collected mail” tab and did not see anything that looked like a reward for guild performance in the Doom event last week. (Might have missed it under another name, though.) If I did not receive it, it’s safe to think that others in my guild—or in other guilds—also did not receive it. Is Maxx’s ticket just for him, or is it a placeholder while you investigate and see how far-reaching the issue is?

@Grundulum please send a ticket too, if it’s more than one Guild then it will be much easier to track if we have tickets than in a forum thread where there might be discussion/multiple members from the same Guild posting.

In your ticket please be clear if you’re experiencing the issue or if it’s more than one of your members.

I’m in three different guilds with four different accounts and have never received a leaderboard reward for being below 100th place on the Tower of Doom Leaderboards in any of the past four Tower of Doom events. To my knowledge, nobody has. More than likely this is affecting every guild below 100th place, just nobody actually checked and saw that they actually should be receiving rewards (according to the patch notes, anyways).


I didn’t receive them on 2 different accounts in 2 different guilds should I do 1 support ticket for both accounts or a ticket for each account? Should I get everyone from my 2 guilds to send in tickets?

so, every player in every guild above 100 on leaderboard never received a reward.
should we all send tickets to you @Kafka ?
i think, you (devs) won’t like that, so i won’t send a ticket now before investigation by you is done :slight_smile:


Hey just an update, we won’t need tickets about this any more.

We’re working on a solution for this now. I’ll post again when I have an update.

Thank you for your patience!


Excuse my tone please.
But last week was the 4th Tower of Doom.
If rewards are supposed to be sent to every guild in the game. As the patch notes do indicate.
Why didn’t a dev check after the first week?
I get that you have a small staff, and things will always fall through the cracks. New things like this shouldn’t fall for 4 months until a player checks the patch notes.
The time it will it will take to send out all those missed rewards will be much longer than having a staff member check in the first place.

But if they’re workig to fix it now, isn’t that at least better than the issue never being addressed?

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It’s hard not to address an issue that has now been reported.
There’s no guarantee that they will go by the patch notes and reimburse all the missed Doom and gem rewards for those outside of the top 100.
It could just mean for the next ToD, Everyone will get a reward.

I also know they don’t have to give us anything. That it is almost seems entitled to complain about free stuff. (even though for me it isn’t free)… But I read the patch notes as if it’s Sirrian himself giving me his word. And any word given should always be kept. Those are just my expectations from customer to company. 🤷


That would be like saying we can’t complain about not getting GW rewards or guild tasks. It was technically free since we didn’t pay money for it but we did play for it.

As a member of an Xbox guild that has reached Top100 in all four event, I can say we received rewards on all four occasions.

Though, what are the rewards they planned to give away? 51-100 receive 10 Gems and 1 Doom, how much less of that would be the ‘reward’?

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I seem to recall 10 gems and 5 Doom. I guess that’s what every guild ranked 51 and lower is supposed to receive, meaning extra rewards only start at rank 50. Unless, of course, rewards for rank 101 and lower is spontaneously discovered to be a bug that got ninja fixed prior to the first Tower of Doom event, so nothing has to be done at all.