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300 glory pack poor value

‘Blatant ripoff’ could be a better title.

Last week’s 2 arcane and epic was steep but now getting 1 UR and a single arcane for 300? MEH.

Those packs have way more than just the troop and the Arcane traitstone. Even if that’s what we’re after specifically. There’s 40 Glory in 2 Glory Keys, and total 8k gold in 10 Gold Keys and 5k gold.

I’m betting that we see a completely different type of bundle - or several - when the patch hits.


The 300 pack isn’t that bad. I find it to be better than the weapon 300 pack. I do have to say the 400 glory packs for the epic with 2 traitstones is the best value. The 500 for a legend is a bit steep, but still worth getting at least 1.

The green yellow traitstone is also a repeat, so there is little need to get too many more of them for many people. I do have to say that there is not much of a point to buy more than 6 of the ultra-rare 300 packs. By the time the troop comes into chests next week, it will only take about 1-4 weeks to get it upgraded.

Well, all the listed stuff is worthless to me and supposedly too many players. Just because all those keep falling from the sky in volume and can only be changed to mostly redundant stuff.

What you can not easily get are the arcane and the new troop.

A simple value-converting system can be created from how many games you need to play for certain gain.

Or let’s look from another angle, who would buy multiple of such packs. Their value is surely better for low-level players, but I doubt they are sitting on multiples on 300 glory to start with. For established ones with spare stock of glory I’d expect thousands of gold keys left unopened.

If it had 2 arcane stones I would have no complaints whatsoever.

That’s my only real complaint. At least throw us a bone and do a new arcane each week until they’re cycled through.

Sirrian mentioned earlier today that they were focusing more on getting all the kingdoms to 8 troops rather than making sure traitstones are distributed evenly. It is confirmed that next week will be a new traitstone yet to be seen in a glory event.

Not a good deal for long time players, but great for newer players. Same amount of gold/keys for 100 less glory


Emphasis mine. I’m level 200-something, so hardly what I would call “new”. I just bought six of those packs. As pointed out above, the keys and gold make it a great buy for me. I have no mythic troops yet, and I still have a handful of commons/rares sitting around at ultra-rare. The 60 gold keys I opened from the packs I just bought allowed me to ascend two more troops to epic.

I think you’re a much higher level (or a much bigger spender) than I am, and you’ve forgotten what the lower levels are like.

I look forward to the 100-glory common troop packs. Those are coming, right? Right??


Who would it be worthless to?

It certainly wasn’t worthless to me (level 580).

I got 16 of the 300 glory pack and that netted me 16 Raptors, 32 glory keys, 160 gold keys, 16 arcane traitstones, 160 gold keys and 80000 gold. Seems like pretty decent (mind you, not great) value for 4800 glory.

But I had a lot of glory saved up, so I had to do something with it… :smiley:

and this got your Raptor still only to Legendary. :slightly_smiling:

Sure, but after this week he’ll be in the chests and then it shouldn’t take long to get him to mythic…

Players that didnt get the light arcane before like me is very happy to see it. Also I value those stones a bit, and is the main reason why I buy those reward packs. My opinion is that I rather prefer a 400 glory one, with 2 stones and an epic, but as long there is an option for me to get a certain stone for 300 glory, I dont complain.

Like a spoiled brat on christmas -.- Who the fruit FORCES you to buy those packs? Show a bit more gratitude! The devs bring you a new troop every week for now while still working on the patch. If you dont like what you get, save the glory for the next event.


Will always be remembered.

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Another good saying: A mouse can’t feed all the owls.

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I would prefer the ultra-rare packs cost 200 glory, and the legendary packs cost 600 glory. Also, give the legendary pack three arcane traitstones. This will help balance out the cost of upgrading the troops, as well as give arcane traitstones a stable price.

Current troop upgrade costs:
ultra-rare: 41 * 300 = 12300 glory for mythic
epic: 16 * 400 = 6400
legendary: 6 * 500 = 3000

Suggested troop upgrade costs:
ultra-rare: 41 * 200 = 8200 glory for mythic
epic: 16 * 400 = 6400
legendary 6 * 600 = 3600

Current arcane traitstone cost:
ultra-rare: 300 glory
epic: 200
legendary: 250

Suggested arcane traitstone cost:
all packs: 200 glory


Yeah, that would be a huge improvement IMHO.

I believe this is relevant again this week.

I really want to max Zaejin, but I don’t feel like wasting that much glory. Also, was it only 3 minors last time too?