I thought Raids were expensive as hell... until I saw THIS!

Do you think that 300-1000 gems to ascend a Raid troop to Mythic is overpriced? Let’s compare it to regular Glory packs!

You can use Glory to pull Mythics, right? If you used several thousand glory keys and pulled him, congrats, you didn’t touch your gem stash and saved lots of gems! To be precise:

142860 glory = 7143 glory keys = 1 Mythic =
= 100 VIP chests = 4500 gems

142860 glory is worth 4500 gems!

300 glory = 9.5 gems
400 glory = 12.6 gems

Everytime we buy a glory pack, we waste 9 - 12 gems!
But! Keep in mind that glory pack gives you 10 gold keys, 2 glory keys and 5000 gold. To simplify, I will convert gold to gold keys. 26.7 gold keys, that is.

2 glory keys is 40 glory. 26.7 gold keys give us

2 glory keys = 40 glory
26.7*0.03*20 = 16 glory (3% chance to drop 20 glory)
26.7*0.01*1.5 = 0.4 gems (1% chance to drop 1-2 gems)

This means that glory packs actually cost

300 - 40 - 16 = 244 glory (Common-UR packs)
400 - 40 - 16 = 344 glory (Epic packs)

How much glory it takes to fully ascend an UR troop?

41 copies = 41*244 = 10004 Glory = 315 gems
41 packs will drop 41*0.4 = 16 gems
315 - 16 = 299 gems

Turns out ascending new troops is not as cheap as it seems!
Let’s do the same for all other rarities.

What you can use it for? Say, there is a kingdom that will be 7 or 9 stars.
You need a certain amount of levels on its troops to get kingdom power.
At some moment you realize that you need 1 more level.

What do you do: buy more copies of Invade troop with gems? Or spend glory to ascend the other troop? What is better?
With this chart you can evaluate how many gems you’re actually spending on ascension. Tasty!


Also get Arcane Traitstones from glory packs. :wink:


To be fair to the raid shop, you do get stones and diamonds for your gem purchase.

Not to mention helping your guild reach portal X.

Makes the comparison rathe complicated but I applaud the effort nonetheless.

This is an interesting analysis.

I’m not sure why you start with the question about whether “300-1000 gems to ascend a Raid troop to Mythic is overpriced”. In the Raid event it costs 100 gems to get your first copy of that troop. Getting it to Mythic from there costs another 1250 gems. I think this should be the number to consider rather than a range (with numbers whose source I do not understand). In that light, yes, that is overpriced.

Even if you choose a range, I think that range should be the minimum gems to get it from Epic to Mythic (1250 gems) and the minimum to get it from Legendary to Mythic (850 gems). So, the proper question is whether “850 to 1250” is too much to ascend that troop. Again, I say yes.

Most importantly, remember that the Raid troop is good only for this week to be used in what is to many a boring, expensive event with lousy rewards. And to me, that is the top level analysis that needs to be applied.

So, properly phrased, the question is “Do you think that 850-1250 gems to ascend a Raid troop to Mythic that is only useful for this week in a single event is overpriced?” I can answer that without the math.

Regarding the math, I do agree with your top level equivalence for targeting a Mythic (meaning your glory key numbers at expected value of 1 Mythic) are good, but I am not sure that equivalency applies throughout the analysis. Just because there is an equivalency that can be calculated for one purpose–targeting the exclusive Mythic of the week–does not mean that equivalency applies to unlike scenarios.

The proper equivalency focuses on the troop in question, I believe. What should be compared is the cost of elevating that troop to Mythic using Glory packs to elevating that particular troop to Mythic using other means. The math gets more difficult at that point because other things come into play.

If you are an early player, it makes less sense to pull the Glory packs because, while it take a LOT of Glory keys to ascend that troop to Mythic, most of the other things you are getting along the way are also helpful for you. Pulling Glory keys makes progress on a lot of things and thus makes a lot of sense for the early player.

For an endgame player who has every other troop to Mythic, the Glory packs become relatively cheap compared to targeting a particular troop through Glory chests. Add to this that the endgame player may not wish to wait for four weeks for the troop to appear in regular chests, and Glory packs may become a weekly purchase as the cheapest way to maintain the updated status of the player’s collection.

So, your analysis is interesting, but I will not be able to use it as much of a guide for my spending habits going forward. There is too much else to consider.


This is the indeed most important part, and aside from being useless in any other mode, even in Raids it loses any significance at that point where nothing but Mang-enhanced skull damage matters.


Thanks for the reply.
Interesting point. I think it all depends on what end goal you have in your mind. For me - it’s collecting all Mythics. I noticed that Rares and UR are the easiest to ascend. 1-3 months and they should be ascended all the way. Commons are a bit harded, but they just require time and frequent tribute collection (for gold keys).

Epics are the real bottleneck here. They require more time, but it appears that 2-3 months is enough, since all my Bright Forest troops are Mythic already.

That’s my point exactly. I want to have a solid gem stash, so spending glory to ascend a troop that I don’t need right now is kinda pointless. This glory could save me a bunch of gems. Getting kingdoms to 7 or 9 stars, however, is different. Don’t want to wait a whole month.

I’ve always found epics really hard to ascend through chests alone. New kingdom mythics are acquired reasonably fast due to event keys, so perhaps it would be more informative to look at new epics released that didn’t get a kingdom event, such as ser cygnea or shocktopus?

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Oh yes, I didn’t factor that in. Event keys sped up that process. Let’s see. Shocktopus was released exactly 2 months ago, and I only need 4 more copies of him. But I spent a lot of VIP keys this week, which are very good at pulling Epics. I think it’s safe to say that Epics require 3-4 months to get them fullt ascended.

Yeah those with access to VIP keys have a major advantage with epics since you get 2 copies per key.

By the way, I not implying that it’s fair or unfair, just stating a fact.

Kevlar suit on!

As a non-VIP5 comparison, after the last two mythic pulls (which didn’t come cheap, I spent 6.6k glory keys, 1.2k gem keys and 31k seals combined) I’m sitting at 4 copies of shocktopus (still epic). Can’t be ruled out that I got a bit unlucky (I just got Fel’Dras to mythic in the last pull, after more than a year of play, after all), but with the amount of epics available and the rate at which new ones are being added, they seem to take forever to collect for me… it’s the main motivation for me to get tier 6 in these events, to be honest.