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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

It would be really great to know the perks for every Talent tree :wink: .

@Cyrup did arena get a nerf??? hero now only has 10 attack. used to have 12. dawnbringer damage is also lower

I think the enemy is missing it’s traits section. Mine I can see and the previous battle I could see the traits of the enemy even tho they had none unlocked.Glitch

It’s likely the player doesn’t have a class selected.


That makes sense. Why didn’t I think about that?

Untranslated text on the guild help, last tab, spanish language. Instead of “More Pet Rescues” it should be “Más Rescates de Mascotas”

Platform: PC (Steam)



Global chat is lagging real bad on PC it’s like 2 diff channels at once

Arena has not been nerfed.

Yeah, I considered that - we might be able to add that after the busy-ness of the update!

@RedRoseWarrior Close/reopen the game and let me know if it continues. If it does, please send through some screenshots, I will need more information (e.g. what do you mean by lag - you post a message and it doesn’t appear? When you connect the loading wheel spins for ages? etc.)


The chat is going but, the pop ups show different messages than what I see when I open the chat

That fixed it the close/reopen game

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Now when I tried to upgrade my weapon I ran into an endless spinning loading wheelendless%20load

Then this happenederror

I clicked retry then this popped up invalid%20target%20lvl

a it keeps doing it

@Cyrup Ubastet still kills summoned troops, just had a test with Drake Riders


If you receive the “Invalid target level” message please restart the game. The weapon will fully level up with an issue afterwards.

@ValdarX Thanks this is a known issue, forgot to put it on the list

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I just did that right before you said that and it was fixed. Thank you for your help Cyrup

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Oh! Sorry I couldn’t be quicker. :slight_smile:

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That’s fine I understand your super busy

My Level 10 Kingdoms that have completed Power Level 5 are showing only 1 Kingdom Skill Bonus instead of two.

5 Stars completed are showing this