3.3 Feedback and suggestions

I don’t use Khorvash (in fact I only just got him with event keys yesterday) or TDS in GW/PVP and I have zero issues with 8 or 9k teams, even when my team was around the 7k mark.

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Thank you for making FROZEN more obvious now.

Now if I could understand the bubbles …all would be well

@Cyrup @Ozball @Saltypatra can you guys please check if the gnome are broken? nobody saw them for an hour now

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Looks like they nerfed it.

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what a shitty move, ty devs for removing something fun and make it more rare :frowning:


Worth remembering that the spawn rate for Gnomes will increase during Vault events.


when are the vault event?

I hope the spawn rate for Gnomes during Vault events will make up for this severe drop rate nerf as this has completely killed my interest in playing the game.

Gnomes are nearly non-existent. Can’t even find one. I only had found 1 Vault key in my hours of playing, and that’s with Gnomes at a steady rate. Now? … Once every Lunar Eclipse?


According to the release notes, Vault and Bounty are “side events” that happen once a month.

really?? come on dev why are you so affraid to give stuff? the drop rate was perfect and nw we never see them :frowning:


Gnomes just hit Leprechaun status… Do they even Exist???

#makegnomesgreatagain come on



This nerf really sucked all the fun out of play for me today. I was so excited to find just one gnome after seeing all the excitement on the forum. Just ick… :expressionless:


Well that was fun while it lasted but the initial drop rates were quite low I thought I ended up getting 3 total over about 450 matches now. I blame Sheba and her lucky run of 8 post :stuck_out_tongue:

The spawn rate was most assuredly not perfect as people were getting 100+ gems in an hour. That was completely economy-breaking and the nerf needed to come and quickly as well.


I feel that the nerf, as it happened, isn’t really well thought-out. While some spawn nerf was justified, making a new feature of the patch basically non-existent again is not very smart (especially since not everyone was here for the few minutes where Gnomes did spawn).
It would, in my eyes, be far better to make an adjustment to what the Gnomes drop. Making the 20 gems and Vault Keys rarer while increasing the not-so-special rewards like souls while still letting Gnomes happen would keep things motivating for the players.

Initiating Obvious protocols...
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“Generous Bugs” are the worse because no matter what is said people will still be angry and felt betrayed. The whole experince is now tainted.


I was working on a post saying pretty much the same thing (but with a lot more words) but it looks like you got it covered, so I’ll put my TLDR thoughts here. The RNG double/triple blind leaves enough room so you can see the gnomes, but not have them break the economy. Having a gnome be a once in a week experience for normal play, then having said gnome give you a handful of gold or souls is more embittering than anything. And its not like I’m going to run down the street screaming with joy when I hit the now lottery-odds of getting 100 gems or a handful of keys - as an individual super high rarity event, this is not in the least impactful.

Basically, what was hoping for from this feature was a way to actually occasionally see some increase on the resources that actually matter through actually playing the game, even if slowly, so it felt like I could get off the treadmills of just playing endless dailies/weeklies every now and then if I had some extra time and wanted to play it might actually mean something in a mode that isn’t treasure hunt. Not it might have a chance of a shot that it could mean something.

Also this. Quadruple check things like this in the future.


:flushed: Someone working on a post saying the same as me but using even more words is scary… and not what I’m used to. Normally I’m the one using 100x the words others need to get the same thing across.:joy:

I’m agreeing with all of the rest you wrote. Just wanted to toss that out.:sweat_smile:

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Thank you Dev for finally putting with the traits on a card - WHERE to find the stones :slight_smile: I love @Lyya’s grid but I play a lot on my phone…this makes it easier

Exactly, a new feature with modest rewards but with enough “visibility” is better than one that can sometimes be very profitable but extremely rare.

You’ll get used to Mithran’s (Peng)long posts… :rofl:
This pun is specially dedicated to @Cyrup and @Saltypatra “Longboi” fangirls! :wink: