3.3 Feedback and suggestions

The Gnome nerf made me go from mildly annoyed to outright angry over the course over the past few hours of zero gnomes.

Casual players who only play 10 matches a day will never see a gnome the entire time this game keeps their attention.

Terrible decision to put the drop rate so low. Please fix ASAP.


Hi guys, can we please redirect the gnome comments to the existing gnome thread(s?):

I would like to keep this discussion relating to other suggestions/feedback as well. :+1:

Yeah it’s brutal they nerfed them already. We have 30 people in my guild 2 of which were lucky enough to be on playing and talking about gnomes in our discord channel. Guess how the other 28 are going to feel when they finally get on later…

Edit: Back to the economy comment I’ll grant you there is one in the game in so far that there are resources to manage by individual players however I don’t care if player A has more than me due to some random drop rates. The game isn’t going to break with gnomes popping up every 100 matches or so. I don’t consider this game having an “economy” in a traditional sense where we purchase and trade things between players as in most MP games where anyone would consider they have an “economy” I’ve played.


Unfortunately, this really is the only topic about 3.3 until something else comes along (Raid/Bounty/Invasion aren’t active yet). Especially since now the players feel really slighted by what just happened.

I’d be a lot happier if they kept the gnome as is, and just increase vault key drop rate during vault event. At some point I’d like to own a Cedric/Valvraven/Treasure Gnome…

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Earlt thoughts on immunity to mana drain:

This is more of a general observation. I know this particular trait will be fleshed out more, however for the moment I noticed it is on a lot of cards that I rarely see in PVP, GWs. This is a great way to revive dead content: the majority of troops that fall by the wayside as early as mid game. I don’t know if that was the intention, or how it will play out over time, but I would love to see more innovation like it!

Please add a play again button to challenge screens.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for adding the kingdom name to cards. May not be visually appealing, but I really appreciate being able to easily tell what kingdom a card is.


Just because you disagree, doesnt mean its wrong. In this instance, it makes you wrong.

I’d also like to request getting back the ability to see what troops you’ve already selected during Arena. It’s hard for me to remember what each troop can do, so not being able to check isn’t great.


I’m just… disappointed, at this point.

I like a lot of things that changed, but it’s mystifying how troops broke and random things like “oh we broke the weekly event lol” slip through time after time.

Does anyone think for a second when raids open up they’re going to work? Would you like to buy some snake oil from me? It’s a $2 value, discounted 80% to $4,999.99. DM me for paypal deets.

It’s nice when a giant content update comes with… content. It’s not so nice when the only thing you get is a lot of “maybes”. It’s even worse when the things you had don’t work anymore. It tends to sour the changes that did improve things. You forget them pretty quick when you start thinking the things you don’t like about the game aren’t ever going to change.


i finally got a gnome again! only 10k gold took few…million battles to get :"(


Because “economy” basically means “how much a resource is worth”. And if the resource “gems” gets devalued to a point where everyone can obtain 100+ in an hour with ease, then gems are not worth as much anymore as before. As gems are the currency you can buy with real money, devaluing gems by flooding the gem economy with more gems than usual means that the devs will not make enough money from gem-sales anymore.

If gems are worth less, then chests are worth less, then mythics are worth less, then mythics are more common, then less people buy things with RL money, then the devs make less money. And this is already a game which is very kind to players when it comes to free premium currency and F2P gameplay in the first place. Keeping this balance which is already very generous to players - compared to most other games - intact by not tipping it even more is very, very important so that the devs can make enough money to pay their bills.


You know, if they realllllly wanted to make money, they’d ask their publishers to lower the price of gems.

$100 to get just enough gems to open 50 VIP chests for a chance at a Mythic? Even if you do get a Mythic, there’s a high probability it is a duplicate… Yeah, I kinda see it as gambling, basically.

On Xbox One, we got a weekly deal where we could pay $5 for 1,000 guild seals and 4 guild keys to the rest of the guild with a fair value of VIP points to go with it. For the first time in a long time, prices actually made sense to spend money on!

How much value do you put on a Mythic? $130 if Sunday Dungeon packs are bought each week? * 24 Mythics +1 new Mythic each month?

Something feels off here…



Those are all really good points but my understanding was this game was 100x more generous before I really started playing and yet it’s still here today so why didn’t it self implode back when gems were falling from the skies in the early days. I’m VIP 11 and many in my guild are similar or higher and none of us buy gems except for one member once whey they had the double gems event a while back. We all buy things you can’t get with gems for the most part PtGII, Ring of Wonder death knight armour etc.

I don’t think Gnomes coming in every 100 matches would break game and very few people were getting 100 gems an hour. From Tacets thread of Gnome reporting I saw zero people claiming that. (myself I played 450 matches over 2-3 hours and got 1 vault key, 5 gems and 20k gold far from impacting even the very basic “economy” of this game)



I’m going to put $10 on the table that I quit the game before I find my next 2 mythics.

I think gems could do with some devaluing. I think everything about this game is too proud of itself when it comes to valuation. Someone was lamenting they put $1500 into this game in the other thread.

That’s a TV, a PS4, a Switch, 4 or 5 games, pizza, booze, and a hell of a party.

Or a few pulls at the chests in this game. Whee!


The 2 new mode better be so freaking awesone cause it might be the last nail on the coffin for me…


Given how the last 2 updates went, I went into 3.3 with low expectations. Thankful that there are no major bugs and no major nerfing of resources. The gnome drop rate was an obvious bug so no complaint when it got fixed. The Play Again button in Explore is really good - that alone made 3.3 a win for me.


We still don’t have details about rewards/purchases in the 3 new events (Raid Boss, Invasion, Bounty).
It’s a critical point and no information about that in the patch notes seems not a good news…

It smell only orbs as rewards…
so disapointing

It smells “pay new weapon/troop with gems”…