3.3 Feedback and suggestions


I made… I think 135 gems in an hour? I got 100 from one Vault, 10 from another, then 20 from a Gnome and 5 from a Gnome.

I wasn’t here during the early days, but I think people know these days when a game doesn’t just want to grab their money. If you look at those cashgrabbing MMORPGs like League of Angels, Shadowbound and whatever else they are called where you only get anywhere when you spend 300+ bucks a month, you know from seeing how much you need to invest here that the deals here are pretty good. Simply because they aren’t fully needed. That’s what makes them - and this game - good and when something is good, more people are willing to buy. Not to reach any point in the game, but simply because they can tell that the devs care about the players and if you feel like you matter, you’re more willing to support something.

If you only cash to get somewhere, usually there will be the point where you realize that it doesn’t matter - there will always be new content so you need to keep cashing forever to stay on top. But in this game, you don’t need to do that. And that is, I believe, what keeps people here and also keeps them paying.

I’m with you all the way - I’ll check out all the new modes and want to try for Champion of Anu next month, but all my joy for the game has disappeared in the last few weeks, so unless the new modes are suddenly the greatest thing the world has ever seen, I’ll be gone.

I do enjoy the new patch simply for the non-transparent board alone - heck, that thing is worth so much, it deserves to be its own patch - but it’s not enough to bring back my enjoyment.

Still holding onto hope, but yeah…

Honestly I have no idea, simply because mythics range from “OP as hell” to “bunch of garbage”. I would easily pay 100+ bucks if I could pick a mythic of my choice. Would I pay 100 bucks for Gargantaur? Nooooope. Do I think Plague is worth 100 bucks? Yup, definitely.


Please return Treasure Gnomes to the initial spawn rate and just drop the rewards a bit. I’ve been in explore since patch dropped on my phone and seen 4/5 Gnomes, with one vault key. It didn’t break the game at all. It just made me want to actually sit in explore for longer than I already do and gave me something to look forward to.


My post from the other thread…


They are useless and ugly, i can see from the card’s outline what rarity it is


Yup, new traitmenu is indeed confusing and horrible.


I respectfully disagree. I think being able to see all the traitstones needed for all the traits is a vast improvement for the huge player base that doesn’t use or know about Lyya’s website.


While I agree with that, having them presented in an easier-to-understand way would have been much preferred. I find the new menus (not just the trait ones, but all of them) very, very confusing, difficult to understand and just… I dunno… weirdly placed? It seems like the interface got changed to need as many clicks as possible now. In my eyes, there’s something like “too many options”. Just looking at the leveling interface with its three options there, for example. There was nothing wrong with the old system; all you had to do was click the left arrow once to level to max and if you, for whatever reason, wanted a lower level you could manually adjust with the right arrow. There is no use for three separate options.


I love this! @Cyrup!! :grin:


The games screen is a bit off and does not fit the mobile view. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.


This has been in place since at least the last update, but I felt the need to finally mention this issue now.

I think it’s exceedingly inappropriate to be opening the “offers” tab up, unsolicited, when you start the game up (not sure it happens every time, but it happens a lot. Maybe once a day after the first daily login?). Not only does it seem overly pushy, but the fact this opens up on the main screen when you log in is probably making a ton of people think they accidentally pressed a button to open it when they didn’t. It’s jarring to have something pop up on the main screen that I didn’t click on, much like a pop up ad on the internet. It’s something I don’t ever want to happen - If I want to view the offers, I will navigate to the appropriate section of the page to view the offers intentionally. I’m actually surprised this is even allowed by Microsoft.


I suggested they add team slots with VIP levels, which they eventually implemented. Can’t take all the credit since I can’t guarantee that it was that suggestion that ultimately caused them to do it, but it’s perhaps evidence that some things we mention are implemented.


Well, they know people want dungeon reminders. it was in one of the Q&As. They’ll sort it out eventually.

For now, they updated the UI to show how many dungeon battles you have completed for the day when you open up the games tab.


Except that this is wonky (on PC at least) and it read “complete” even before I had done any battles for the day…


oh wow, hopefully they can sort that out. try reporting it in the known issues topic…


They also know for a long time now that people would like to do something with all those maps and major traitstones. They’re still sorting it out i guess?


I took a day off work to play and bash gnomes, but by the time I got to play at 8am UK time they’d nerfed them. I wish I’d gone to work now. Not seen one all morning. Plus the refund /trait issue has had me putting a ticket in. Now we have server issues #disappointedsofar


I agree with not changing the drop rates for gnomes. it gave me a reason to play again, especially with all the nerfs to resource gain. Plus it gave non guild players a way to get resources. Besides the resources it was exciting to see one appear and if you got a vault key woohoo. Make them so rare you hardly ever get one then it’s not even worth playing. It had been a chore to get to 1500 seals by Sunday, I hit it last night and only had 2 gnomes appear, but I kept playing hoping to get another.


Very big improvement to the game. So far it doesn’t look like the AI is going on it’s never ending extra turn spree. The only thing I see is maybe a little more tweaking to the burn animation on the bottom of the card, it still blocks the stats from time to time. Also, a notification when there is a new message in the guild chat is long overdue.


Hi everyone! and hi DEVS!

Its cool to see you devs always trying to increase our gaming experience. the last 2 kindoms released within the last weeks are a great addition…

HOWEVER, i must admit i dont really appreciate the 3.3 version… i think the old version was really great, was having ton of fun (becoming pretty addicted to the game). but now, everything seems sorta mehhhhhh… so without going through all issues cause there is a thread about this, here are my thoughts…

Although i really like the “play again” button, it could be great to swap it on the left. it would feel more natural to click left instead of right… might sound weird to focus on a thing so little, but honestly most games (being on consoles or mobile) that has a “repeat/redo/play again” option has this option on the left…

Then, the whole Gnomes thing seems really unbalanced. i think their spawning rate should either be higher or if not, at least rewards should be better… i faced 1 gnome in i dont even know how many matches in many game modes (found it in arena) to get 5 diamonds only… not really cool knowing the cost of mythics in the forge…

Now, the whole thing about orbs… to be honest it seems to me like a way to clearly favorize paying/vip players. i mean i know you need real cash to keep being able to take your time being working on the game, but this game is presented most of the time as free to play… as for myself, i have to say that if this game becomes a way to dig a bigger hole between riches and poors, i will just stop playing. i do not want to be part of this. also, many players have kids in real life… and not all of us have highly paid jobs… so why would these people be disadvantaged?

Now for the guild weekly events… i like the idea of 3 diff ones… however i am sorta worried about the tiers thing… if i got it right we will have to use our so hard earn gems for that rather than getting gems chests… for non paying players, gems arent earned that fast…

The sigils thing also seems to me like something who might favorize people with cash to spend on a game…

Also im surprised that there is a brand new version of the game without arena being fixed… i mean having 6-7 matches against an opponent owning Dawnbringer weapon seems really unfair… Imo, DB shouldnt even be available in arena as the common/rare/ultra rare troops cant even stand after the first time DB spell is casted… and please know that i finish arena most of the time… but i am lvl 800+ so my hero can stand against DB… and i had time enough to figure what works or not in the arena. but when i think about lower levels players that try and dig arena for souls/trophies (cause they dont have teams to go souls farming while in explore mode) i feel like this is totally unfair for them.

And it could have been great too to fix random factor regarding chests drop rate of legendaries and mythics… one of the support staff took his time to reply to me and i appreciate this. however i still think something is broken with some accounts… and clearly favorized in others… i mean if things were even for everyone, a lvl 600+ would at least own 2-3 mythics… while a lvl under 100 would not have any… so how come there are many ppl that get couple mythics before lvl 100… and others like me are nearly lvl 1000 and barely have mythic… i got my first (Death) at around lvl 350 if i recall it right… then got my second at around lvl 750… and i got a duplicate!!! whenever the chests i open, i rarely get anything better than the lowest rarity troop available for this type of chests… while others get 2 mythics from 10 gems keys… oh yeah… thats all about luck… sorry but luck really seem to not be on my side then… but no… its normal as support say… sorry to say but i dont think its normal!

About the new look of cards, i would say they look really great… but they seem smaller (???) so now its harder to see everything. thats how it feels for me…

I have to admit that i hate the new banners’ look… they are really pretty, but its harder to define which banner is for what… colors seem to sorta fuse together… before even though they look “cheaper” at least i was able to clearly see which gems color were + or - just by looking at the banner…

Something also seems to look wrong with brightness (maybe???). everything seems too shiny or bright and it becomes harder to concentrate on matching gems.

I add that i really prefer previous status fx… as an example, now all i see is a big orange moving spot when troops are burning…

Finally i would say that overall i really liked the previous version a whole lot more… hopefully the upcoming fixes will make the game fun again…


Just noticed that Yao Gua only has the Mana Shield trait. Since he’s an Elf, shouldn’t he have one of the Ancestry traits? I’m thinking Dark Ancestry would be the best fit.