Gnome resurrection

Can we say that this game is played by a bunch of ungrateful whiners??? Holy crap! We’re given something that was CLEARLY a mistake so it’s scaled back dramatically or even taken away and all hell breaks loose because you all think you’re entitled to a game-breaking pile of easily obtained rewards? The patch has been active a few hours. Give them a chance to figure it out and reimplement it at the correct level. Boo hoo - we once again don’t have something we didn’t have before the patch. Awww, waaaahhhh.

Once again I’m utterly disgusted by the greedy entitlement that so many people display. How is it that any of us are entitled to these rewards?

Absolutely amazing…


What is worse, people whining, or people whining about people whining? It is hard to tell.


Well, that was fun… For about 10 second.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I hear it’s almost as fun as watching the drying paint channel.

Whoo wee, I’m having so much fun over here, I just can’t stand it. Pfft.


If people only had fun during the time Gnomes spawned… then why were they playing the game before the patch in the first place if it was such a boring and horrible game just hours ago?:thinking:


No wonder I didn’t find any gnome… well that explains it


To be fair, there is also a place for systems like these, but lottery odds does not mix well with rewards that aren’t all that impactful on a grand scale. Super rare, super impactful rewards cater to different different gamer archetypes than semi-common, random, and occasionally slightly impactful rewards. Super rare, individually unimpactful rewards cater to neither.

Starting… now.

Similar, or the same as? Did you accidentally set a Vault Event with the patch? If they increase this much during events, why are they even a thing all the time? Setting up situations that are overwhelmingly likely to be disappointing.

This is one solution, structured similar to how every other reward system in their game works - check off a daily box and then the impact of your time spent on the game drops, only this daily box might take a while to reach. I’m not sure of the pre-nerf gnome rates since I think I got in late, but incentivizing more than an hour of play at the fastest speeds possible on any given day is not something that would be particularly good for this game either - dailies, in general, need to come in small, easily checked boxes to avoid burning out everyone but the most hardcore, and this would qualify as a daily. But yeah, limiting them per day is less than ideal, but managed correctly, would be better than the current “super rare, not impactful” thing they have going.


well maybe when you been playing durin 2 years almost every day you like to see something new and play , just saying


Once again, I’m disgusted by the tendency of some people not to fully read and understand the core of some people’s complaints.

Personally, it isn’t about the resources for me. I have a hoard that I’m perfectly happy and grateful for. I’m disappointed in the nerf to the spawn rate because I was excited to have a surprise troop spawn event. Some of the most fun I had in GoW was the Moa event.

As I and others have suggested, go ahead and nerf the gnome treasure pay out but make the gnomes themselves appear more often.

Also, at this moment, no one can even confirm that they are still dropping across all platforms. So, people have the right to question if the current non-existent spawn rate is a bug.


I wasn’t, really. Did my Guild Wars, did daily tasks, dungeons, and hopped on to another game.


Can we see a date on the next Vault event like we do with Bounty Hunter? Or is it there and I don’t see it?

this is why you are suppose to Test or beta test things before releasing it.


They did’nt nerf it. they removed it. Hundreds of explore & no gnomes.
“oh, players are like a kid on christmas morning? NUKE THE GNOMES” - devs, probably.


Look I’m not disagreeing. If anything, I was just as excited as anyone else - and I am still making my decision of me quitting or not based on how much fun I have with 3.3. because I know I spent the last two weeks basically not playing at all because I definitely didn’t have fun with the game anymore since the lore horrors placed upon me. I stopped caring completely on Monday when I found out my so-far favourite character in the game is a **** and so, when the Gnomes appeared and it was actually fun for an hour, I was excited.
Now the Gnomes are gone. Okay.
But 3.3. still has Gnomes happening during an event and there’s another short event and then the two big new modes. We were shown something we were not supposed to see yet (the Vault event spawn rate of Gnomes). The patch does have new things to offer and yeah, that we can’t have like 90% of those yet because they’re all events not happening right now sucks. It’s like the patch isn’t happening anymore right now.

But you know, if someone plays the game since years every day, then maybe, having four more days of patience until the new mode happens on Monday is actually possible…

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Well, they have’nt done any of that prior to this point, why should they change their behavior now?

so if anyone find a gnome can you please take a picture and put his face on the milk


Well crap…I figured this was too good to be true.


I have been nothing but excited and I haven’t found a single gnome…

We don’t want crazy rewards, we want ANYTHING different to happen during gameplay. That makes it exciting! When I read gnomes were spawning about every 30-40 battles, that felt right. I’m over 100 without any and this just feels wrong. Besides, the gnomes themselves drop random rewards… SO… by making the spawn rate astronomically low, you are sort of double gating access to new features like the Gnome Vault. Should it be rare to get a GV key? Absolutely! Should I have multiple opportunities to toss the dice at a chance for one per day? IMHO… ABSOLUTELY!



This is such a sucker punch that tired players did not need, and there are so so many tired players.


This is the final nail in the coffin for me.
Not expecting anything else from the devs from now on.

They drove people away with Guild Wars. And now this. Let em kill their own game if that’s what they want. (Oh, and I opened just over 1000 event chests and didn’t get Divine Ishbaala or any mythic this week)