Gnome resurrection

yeah already after 3h of release the gnome are already nerfed, i was having fun for once and i been playing this game for awhile, these gnomes were a nice breeze of fresh air and now they are gone??? Seriously? we just got 2 kingdom and 2 mythic release in less then 2 month can we please get a break on the nerf and get some extra??, the gnome was appearing 1/30 i really don’t think it was a game breaker. please dev check it again, it make no sense to incoporate a new thing and make it so rare we only see it 1x every 5h , this is disgusting

this really ruined my gameplay experience for today


Yes, been at it for 3 hours with 0 despite getting 9 earlier. I would much rather they nerf its loot some but bring back how common it was. It was around 1 in every 40 battles earlier. Now it is like 1 in 500.


at least you got to have fun - 200 battles 2+ hours = 0 gnomes

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If anybody finds one please post here so we can confirm at least they are still there.


I got 3 gnomes on PS4… now they don’t spawn anymore.

Pony is sad now.


Console players barely got any of that, of course.

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Gnomes just hit Leprechaun status… Do they even Exist???


This is why bragging is not a good thing. I knew by the time we updated on ps4 the fun would be over. Thanks.


The devs would have caught on after they looked at the stats in their logs anyway.

people keep saying they don’t have the time to play all day, but this is exactly what this nerf did, it will force people to play all day to see maybe 1-2 gnome this is ridiculous

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Sorry to tell you, but It was a game breaker having it appearing 1 out of 30 matches during explore, with its currently rewards. You can do 30 explores in 15 minutes. That means u will at least have 4 gnomes +/- every hour. I farmed explores for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and got around 7 Gnomes.

I did however not see a bottom of the sea nerf coming.

Most of my guild has been after it since after I eat dinner. Say 20 active players 120 Explores Minimum per hour. Perhaps 180

Drop Rate on console is currently 0 / 2,400

AKA they are OFF


Not everyone had 1 in 30. Some had a much higher 1 in x count early on, but at some point it was supposed to balance out. Now it won’t.

refer to my post above, what will happen to people who can only play 2h every day? oops sorry no luck for you today 2h of explore but no gnome sorry try again tomorow


When i saw the rewards it was obvious the nerf was coming… it was nice the devs gave an increased drop rate for awhile so we got to see them

I agree, that this was not the right balance, but its still early, so adjustments might come.

Sad thing,as a returning player with only 3 base mythics,catching up is almost impossible,and now gnomes are dead,i only saw 1 even before the nerf,so rip.We get so many new legendarys,even with my great guild,i cant keep up,mythic droprate is horrible,gnomes were a nice fun little thing,that could help,but oh well.I thought they nerfed the tasks because of things like raids and the gnomes,but they killed gnomes faster than the speed of light,so i assume they just nerfed tasks because of raids and invasion,or just because they dont want newer or middle ground players to catch up without paying a small fortune,even veterans has a hard time now afaik.


I’ll just quote myself from the other thread because lazy.


We are the beta testers.


As I stated above, a change was very necessary, the rewards was far too great as they was, as well as the Gnomes drop rate. It would be bad business if the team behind GoW didnt change this, as midgame-endgame players would easily flood with getting nice resources, far too easily. However as also stated above I think they nerfed it a little too much. But it’s still adjustable, thankfully.