We heard you like Gnomez?

so, does vault key chances raised on gnome weekend or not?

or we just get more vault keys than normal because we faced more gnome?

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I got 0 vault keys in 700 killed gnomes before the event and got 23 vault keys in 300 killed gnomes this event so…

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But you AND the others (there were others) were all experienced players. There are ALWAYS tradeoffs mostly in the form of nerfs to rewards when things are increased/changed. I don’t need to make a list if the nerfs…

By asking for the Gnome appearance rate to be the exact same as the event rate for everyday activities was way too much. I know you did not directly write “Nerf the rewards”, but that’s where we are.

I am personally dreading Daily Tasks arriving on PC/Mobile because I’m CERTAIN it will incorporate a rework, and utilize the voodoo mathematics of Gem Value to “increase” in rewards.

The problem is i was okay with the bad rewards outside of the vault event but i never wanted to touch the gnome and vault rewards during the vault event

I feel like i made a wish to a genie in a lamp but i was not specific enough so the genie did what i want but also nerfed the rewards i didin’t want to touch

Like i said i didin’t know at this time the vault rewards were same as 3x normal gnome and a chance to get orb or troop with cedrik

If i had that information, you could be sure i would never ask for more gnome and bad rewards outside of the vault event.

I never asked it to be the same but more often, i mean i played during 10h before i could find one and the rewards was 3 celestial stones so i had very good reason to be piss, now we see them more often so if i get a crap reward at least i know the other one is not so far… but like i said if i knew vault and gnome rewards were related i would prefer never see the gnome outside of the vault event but get good rewards during the vault event

I’ve repeatedly said it was not just you, so don’t play so wounded. The damage is done. I always thought the developers made a mistake by not simply having a Gnome even that same weekend for real, but whatever. Here are only 2 quotes but there are probably way more requesting the higher mistakenly activated “Event” rate during regular play.

Btw i asked salty during the stream why we didin’t get buffed vault rewards this weekend? She answered she thought we had it… That tell you how organised they are

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its the thought that count :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even if they buff the gnomes inside the vault we still won’t be getting anywhere near the rewards the gnome event was originally intended to give. (like in the first hour after 3.3)

I know but at least if they remove the 2 minor amd souls from the pool, the vault key will worth it

Does anyone know - Cedrick in the Vault is a Boss? Can he be instantly slain by some boss slayer (I prefer Freya)?

His troop type is just “gnome”, not “boss” or “boss/gnome”, so Freya wouldn’t do extra damage to him.

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Even in the Vault? Sorry, I don’t have a Vault key right now to check.

Oh, fair question now that there are different versions of troops. I’m still fairly sure I’m correct, but not 100% sure.

But since the difficulty doesn’t change the vault rewards, if you play normal difficulty, a boss killer is useless

Here’s my question for everybody.

If you run into a Chaos Orb as a vault reward, are you happy to see it?

Right now, its pretty rare… I’m averaging around 1 in 20-30ish.

I don’t know if I am to be honest, of the 4 I’ve gotten, I got 2 Orb of Growth and 2 Orb of Clans, which gets a thumbs down for its rarity. (I’d rather have the 12 Gem keys at that point)

Wisdom is okay, though I don’t need it.
Ascension would be steller, but I have no faith that I’ll see one from a Vault.

I guess I could segue into asking some of the soul % be replaced with more chance for an orb to drop, or if they want to keep orbs rare, it’d be nice if they were the Major ones instead, like a real jackpot prize…

I still don’t mind it. That’s 15 guild keys effectively, and when you get your Guardians to Mythic, it’ll start to increase the odds of getting more legendaries and mythics.

Would I rather find an Ascension or Wisdom? Yes, Am I willing to risk getting a Growth or Clan to get a Wisdom or Ascension? In my case yes. I know other people only expect the premium rewards, but I understand why that can’t happen, and I accept it.

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Just a note: I’ve checked Cedric in the Vault, and he’s not a Boss, just Gnome.

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Is that a thing? I’ve never gotten an orb from the vault. And yeah, I would be delighted to see it! :smiley:

Are gnomes turned on? Done 100 battles only 3 gnomes.