Gnome resurrection

Not everyone had 1 in 30. Some had a much higher 1 in x count early on, but at some point it was supposed to balance out. Now it won’t.

refer to my post above, what will happen to people who can only play 2h every day? oops sorry no luck for you today 2h of explore but no gnome sorry try again tomorow


When i saw the rewards it was obvious the nerf was coming… it was nice the devs gave an increased drop rate for awhile so we got to see them

I agree, that this was not the right balance, but its still early, so adjustments might come.

Sad thing,as a returning player with only 3 base mythics,catching up is almost impossible,and now gnomes are dead,i only saw 1 even before the nerf,so rip.We get so many new legendarys,even with my great guild,i cant keep up,mythic droprate is horrible,gnomes were a nice fun little thing,that could help,but oh well.I thought they nerfed the tasks because of things like raids and the gnomes,but they killed gnomes faster than the speed of light,so i assume they just nerfed tasks because of raids and invasion,or just because they dont want newer or middle ground players to catch up without paying a small fortune,even veterans has a hard time now afaik.


I’ll just quote myself from the other thread because lazy.


We are the beta testers.


As I stated above, a change was very necessary, the rewards was far too great as they was, as well as the Gnomes drop rate. It would be bad business if the team behind GoW didnt change this, as midgame-endgame players would easily flood with getting nice resources, far too easily. However as also stated above I think they nerfed it a little too much. But it’s still adjustable, thankfully.

Economy-wise, they added many more gem sinks with the two new game modes. Would it have really hurt players to gain gems on occasion? This gave new players a chance to get gems and other resources without being in a top of the line guild. It’d be nice if more people reached further into the game without getting stuck at the TDS is the best troop ever phase.

At the frequency that new Legendaries have been showing up in event chests, those gems would have equaled it out. Now its really running the players dry.



Maybe. But, I doubt that is how most will respond.

Personally, I went from planning to actually play explore to tossing explore in the dumpster again.
I’ve always “hated” explore. For the first time, I was excited to play it. I love troop spawn surprises like the Moa event. However, with a spawn rate so low as to be non-existent, I won’t bother. And, that is sad because I was initially excited about gnomes.

As a side note:
I’d rather see them give away less treasure with the gnomes instead of nerfing their appearance so heavily.


yeah i think everyone agree with this for sure


The gnome nerf is ridiculous.

While I agree the rate at which they were appearing at first was high, now it is ridiculously low. Hundreds of matches played and no gnome for hours. I think gnomes should be about 1 in 30 matches, which is about twice as rare as an arcane/celestial. That’s a pretty good balance. The current drop rate has absolutely ruined gnomes.

To be clear, the drop rate is incredibly low at this point, let’s say 1 in 500 as an example.
Now, one in maybe 5-6 gnomes drops a vault key, great.
When you play using a vault key there is a “very low chance” at getting a copy of the legendary vault keeper troop. When you factor all this together, what are we looking at as an average number of matches to get even 1 copy of this troop let alone get it to mythic? 2500 matches just to get 1 vault key. 20 vault keys to get a copy of the troop? 50? How many hundreds of thousands of matches do the devs expect us to play to get this troop to mythic?

Devs ruined the fun of this patch by their nerf. Please fix ASAP


so i guess 3-4 gnomes in 2 and a half hours was to much? what a joke Im not gonna spend 6+ hours looking for a gnome… why can’t devs just leave things alone. It made explore worth doing… Deffinately annoyed witj this trash nerf.


Great side note. Drop the rewards of the Gnomes by half or so, but let their appearance be the same. (maybe) How I wanted that Vault Key…pfft…


Apparently I’m dumb when it comes to the new game modes because I can’t click on them yet and so have no idea how many gems they will take. I’ve also looked around for that shop mentioned in the patch notes and found it nowhere. So yeah, I’m obviously missing stuff there…

so instead of droping rate , reduce the rewards would be better solution

instead of 3 event key just give 1
instead of 3 gems key just give 1
instead of 20 gems just give 5 gems

and leave the vault battle as it is since the vault key were already rare


Where are people getting this 1 in 500 number? Has anyone even gotten a gnome to spawn in the last hour??


how about make them spawn more in pvp than they do in explore? The nerfs they put in this game is rediculous, I have been a day 1 console player and i have never been annoyed so much with a nerf before…

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No idea. I’m pretty sure I’m above 600 battles without Gnome.

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Unfortunately when gnomes released there was a bug where they were appearing more often than they should have been. We reverted this to how we originally intended gnomes to be, which is what you are seeing now. Please keep in mind that the future Vault Events will offer a high chance to encounter gnomes similar to the frequency you saw when they first released. :slight_smile: