3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


I don’t think I have ever seen a negative review with over 7,000 hours.


It was a positive review until I changed it 5 minutes ago. The old review was from November 2014, the new September 2017 review reflects the current state of the game much better…


This is much worst 17 gems keys = 450 gems wtf?


It does not equal out. That is the point. The reduction is deliberate. It is mitigated somewhat by the Shards and Diamonds gain, but I’m not sure how to even begin mathing it out. Suffice it to say that the net will be negative no matter how you look at the numbers. If you take the dev team’s word at face value, this is to offset the increase in efficiency 4x speed brought to the game.


There is also the 20% nerf.
So normally the initial 63 gem keys - 20% = 50, so we get 13+17=30 extra gem keys.
Same for gems, 590 gems - 20% = 472.
So, 30 gem keys for 472-140= 332 gems.


Maps are the new mini-legendaries.

@Darkness I’m with you. Already know at least one guildmate who quit the game and another who changed their review negative this week. I’ll give it one more day. I expect to change to a negative steam review tomorrow.

VIP keys > gem keys and now we don’t have that choice. I highly recommend not spending money now. You won’t have enough gems to use those VIP chests.


So how does 4x speed mitigate this much loss of resources, in both Guild Tasks and Legendary Tasks? Where can I give said extra gold to get my old returns back? Can I just return the 4x speed and get the old values back? Don’t need this extra speed if there is no game to play.


I’m almost positive this also has something to do with the red statue. The original implementation, recall, was a multiplier of 1.06 to tribute chance. This was changed to a straight +6% modifier, but Sirrian said the correction threw the economy off balance from where the devs wanted it. We are probably (just a guess from an outsider) seeing the re-correction. The “increased battle efficiency” argument doesn’t explain everything: even doing 4x as many battles per week doesn’t net you additional gems since they were apparently removed from the legendary task tables.


This is key. If Gems aren’t re-added to LTs, no amount of gold will be able to make up the deficit. The degree of the nerf in raw Gems is ludicrous.


I can understand that some of you are disppointed but I just remind that these rewards are gift coming from devs.

When you parents gave you 20$ by week, it was quite nice. Until Mommy lost her job so only one salary by month and they have to reduce your gift to 10$. Yeah it’s unfair but they don’t have choice.



I think these changes are fine. I am in a guild that gets about 15th on trophies so there were 450 players in top 50 guilds gettings more resources than me.

My resources were directed towards new kingdoms and new mythics.

Leading into the latest mythic I had the following

12000 gems ( ~ 2.7 expected mythics)
1000 gem keys ( ~ 1 expected mythic)
4000 glory keys ( ~ 0.4 expected mythic)
40k seals ( ~ 2 expected mythic)

With crafting coming there would be no tension in my use of free resources. I also at one point was down seven mythics so I had caught up on them and am now only missing 2.

Basically top end guilds were and probably still are getting too many reaources.

This will force people to chose more carefully what to spend gems on. This is good there is now tension between using gems on VIP vs crafting

I think that is good

It is a game after all and you do not want it being to easy.

PS the point about VIPs getting burnt is relevant and the devs should consider allowing crafting of VIP keys. Ie 5 gem keys / 10 diamonds for a VIP key


This may not be how you intended to come across, but the way I read this is since you have a huge pile of resources, everything is fine.

That can all change in an instant.

The new mythic cost me 250 VIP chests (11,250 gems) along with 11,600 guild seals and ~750 gem keys.

My entire savings (minus a comparatively small amount of Glory keys) was wiped out. Based on the new numbers, it will take me an estimated 6 weeks to build up enough Gems to be able to buy 50 VIP chests. That’s not even often enough to do ONE VIP pull for each new mythic, and as I just demonstrated, being able to pull 50 VIP chests doesn’t guarantee anything.

VIPs got hosed in the update. We paid for the ability to open VIP chests, and the rate at which we can do so just got hamstrung.


Apologies if it came across like that. I have had bad luck before but had good to neutral luck for the last couple.

The good news is that when bad luck happens you will be able to craft.

What are the total resources do you get per week?

80 gem keys / 140 gems plus tribute gems plus LT…

I think expectation still exceeds 1 mythic a month in free resources.

I also agree VIP has been hardest hit by gem nerf and devs should consider steps to correct this. Ie VIP key crafting


Until we have confirmation that LTs are again dropping Gems, I’m not counting them.

I am also not counting Gem keys. I consider 10 raw Gems to be more valuable than a Gem key, because of VIP chests. If a way to convert Gem keys to VIP keys is added, I’ll start counting them.


what am i supposed to do with only 24 Event keys a week… come on now


Dont be greedy just buy a 100$ gems pack.

This is ridiculous. Devs what are you doing?


I don’t think mythic gain should be the benchmark.

The gem nerfs are directly affecting gameplay, making sentinels a luxury in every guild but the top brackets. If the rich get richer, that will annoy a lot of players. That’s not a wise move.

Keys may have more comparative value but gems are much more versatile and are a bottleneck for gameplay options.



Ouch, why not nerf the number of treasure maps??? :grimacing::rofl::dizzy_face::thinking::octopus:


Because even the devs know those don’t matter. :slight_smile:


Deleted as this seemed to be some kind of breach.