3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


A stock reply that does not cut it!

Huge payout in GWs? Only if you are in a high bracket and win.

It will be interesting to see how many Gems we get in Tribute rewards then…


This is of course fake.


It is not fake, i just removed my Name from the top.


Incredible. What she is basically saying is that this was subpoenaed from the marketing big shots, and they can’t do anything about it.


Posting support responses, regardless of what they say, is not on and against the Guidelines.

Bad form.


I guess so mate. I promise you that is the reply i got.

However, i can not contact Microsoft to discuss the issue as we have not had the update on console yet.

So, in theory, they have a week to re-think this mess, leading up to our guild pumping the basic guild tasks next week.


I dont think so, removing Gems from paying customers is bad form!

However i will remove the post if it is a breach, i was not aware. I apologise.


I might be reading it wrong, but I had the impression MadOrange was asking for a major amount of free gems to get added to his account as compensation for the task nerf, which they declined to do.


For the future, posting support responses is definitely against forums rules. Salty has confirmed this several times.


@MadOrange maybe share A when you share B. At least you are allowed to share what you wrote them. Would love to see how you went forward with your lines.


this hurts so bad :tired_face:
thanks for the summary @Lyya!


thought it was supposed to be a 20% reduction… i guess they are worse at math than i am… wooohooo


140 gems is less than 3 VIP keys a week…


What a great reduction!

Now there is daily 50 gems offer on the dungeons which makes 350 gems per week + guild sentinels (as a requirement for some guilds)

And we gain 140 instead of 590. Our net loss is 800 + guild sentinels. Okay, I understand that gems are the best resources in the game that you can earn and “gem sale” is a big thing for the company but this is not a re-adjustment. This literally kills the game players like me. There are no other sources for gems. (And please, don’t tell me gold chests, please. I got 9 gems out of 600 gold chests today)

I think, as a community, we should demand new task rewards. Let them make %20 less instead of %80.


Correct. As i feel being VIP is now pointless.

I understand that i am not entitled to a full refund. I get that. However, the hook for VIP members is VIP chests and the supposedly better mythic drop rates.

I did not pay to get to VIP to gain shard or diamonds that will not open VIP chests, or Gem keys for that matter, they are not as useful as raw Gems.


you can do what i’m doing… set an hourly alarm :stuck_out_tongue: and pray for lots of tribute. other than finishing in the Top-3 in GW’s… tribute is now the best for Gems.


Or dare i say it, Treasure Map grinding…


Here is probably what happened! Guild Wars rewards are high for the top 2 guilds in bracket 1! These free resources mean those people are no longer spending real money so they nerf everybody to pay for it!


That’s exactly what I’m doing! :smiley: Also I realized since the patch, I usually get 7~9 tributes. It could be just my luck or they could have changed RNG. (Not the tribute chance but the system that rolls for the tributes)


This is very disappointing. It’s like the developers are daring players to quit the game. I am really starting to consider it. It sucks because I liked this game so much. How can they do this to their players? Oh, I know. Money.