3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


Alright, which one of you has been complaining about having too many gems? Seriously, someone must have complained for the devs to need to reduce these numbers, right? /s

Very disappointed. This now makes competing in guild wars a net loss for almost every guild, assuming they complete all guild tasks. I really fail to see how this is good for any player and would love to hear those behind the game provide the specific reasons that made this necessary.


They have explained it, but i am not alowed to post it.


Also alliances is sadly allowed in Guild Wars for those that wants to destroy the fun for others. So I just wanna mention that guilds that is involved with this SHIT can get 1000 or 1500 gems a week without getting punished. It is dirty, extremely dirty and ugly.


If you cannot get Gems then rename the game I say to no spoils of war


There probably is that going on but I cannot prove it at least on XBOX!


It is extremely dirty and ugly.


Nice conspiracy theory… :roll_eyes:


I was looking forward for the 3.1 update for a very long time but…

now i don’t want it on console anymore, hopefully it will be delayed as long as possible because of millions of bugs, which are included for sure.
I’m not sure now, what I would like more: A: dealing with justice league until the end of our days and beeing stuck in version 3.0.5 or, B: getting this “into the ground” nerfed resources !

My wish was removing all the useless few souls from the purple task and fit the new resources inside instead!


I know on xbox if we have 30 we can beat anybody but that has been difficult lately! We really had 27 this week! There are 4 guilds that have come in 1-4 since guild wars started and 1 has so far stayed the same with only 2-4 changing! The difference between 1 and 2 has gotten mighty close though! The top guild never go on vacation I don’t think! All they do is play this game I guess!


I think you are addressing the wrong person! I did not bring that up someone else did! All I said is it may be going on but I cannot prove it!


Devs seem so out of touch. People are not buying gems because they are ridiculously overpriced. If a $5 pack can say give 500 gems (enough to open 50 gem keys) then more people would be inclined to buy them. If daily gems give out 50 gems daily for $5 I’d probably subscribe to that indefinitely. As it is, they are making gems scarce in order to promote the idea that 1500 gems is worth $100 when it is absolutely not. I am probably correct in that most people who are VIP 5+ bought anything they could just to reach VIP 5, and did not really get to buy anything worth their money except the VIP levels and probably Deathknight armor.


Huge chances that there is alliances going on on Xbox/PS4 too. I am done with whining for a long period, I have much more important things to take care of. tata


Then make a screenshot and PM it to me. I’d be interested in any dev response at all right now, since there is no dev response on the open forum…


Souls and Pharos Rah will be your new best friends for crafting…


I read (here, on these forums) within the last 48 hours that devs don’t set the prices you see in the store. Those are set by the publisher. The developers have suggestions for the prices, but the publisher is under no obligation to honor those suggestions.

As for the overpriced thing, I agree. However, I am certain that I am not the target audience for these. I don’t make enough money to whale out on these games, but clearly someone does. The game wouldn’t have lasted this long if people weren’t buying stuff, and they have been buying at the current prices.


Let me just say this 140 Gems PER week? Wow… Leaves me speechless.


oooh thats some nerf! @Sirrian @Nimhain the publisher have you guys in a toe hold or something? or has some greed bomb suddenly been set off over aus that i havnt heard of xD gems is in danger guys :sob:


There was that tremor felt up near Sea of Japan. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not… :dizzy_face::wink:


Such a blow.
It’s even worse when I couldn’t get the new legendary troop with hoarded keys, and with half event keys reward / -75% gems, that doesn’t let any maneuver to get some more without spending real money…


With this economy - it’s now a pay 2 win game for those without resources.

I’ll quit at the end of the month if they won’t bring back some gems.

/ VIP 10